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Economic Outlook 2019 : What About Europe?


BNP Paribas Asset Management

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23/01/2019 18:15

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23/01/2019 21:00



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14 rue Bergère

75009, Paris ​​

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Europe is likely to dominate the 2019 agenda with a new Governor for its Central Bank, a new Parliament and a new Commission which are likely to take key monetary and economic decisions within a particular political context. 

This year our economic outlook will focus on Europe. CFA Society France will gather around the table Rodolphe Blavyfrom the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Alain Durré from Goldman Sachs and Pierre Bezbakh, an economist and historian who will bring the historical perspective for the European project.

The economic outlook will be articulated around the Euro Single Currency framework, the consistence of economic and fiscal policies and the structural convergence. CFA Society France is very pleased to host this unique event. 

The recently published book of Pierre Bezbakh ("Une histoire du génie français") will be offered to the first 25 registrants and a special discount will be offerd to the next ones.

Please note that the event will be in French, though questions in English are welcome.​


Pierre Bezbakh

Economist, Professor & Historian

Pierre Bezbakh is an economist, lecturer at Dauphine University, historian and regular columnist for Le Monde. Pierre Bezbakh has been involved in several economic fields including international economic relations and history of social and economic trends. 

He is the author of several books published between 1983 and 2017, including "Histoire de l'économie, des origines à la mondialisation" (2008) and "Crises et changements de société, les grandes ruptures dans l'Histoire de l'Empire romain à nos jours » (2012). In 2017 Pierre Bezbakh published « Une histoire du génie français » covering the economic, social and technological trends in France and in Europe over the past centuries.  

Through his research Pierre Bezbakh put in perspectives how technological revolutions emerge with the economic consequences for the European balance of powers.

Alain Durré 
European Economist - Goldman Sachs

Alain Durré is Executive Director and "Economiste en chef" of the Paris office of Goldman Sachs. He joined Goldman Sachs in 2014. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Alain was Principal Economist in the Monetary Policy Strategy Division of the Directorate General Economics of the European Central Bank and Associate Professor of Finance at IÉSEG-School of Management of Lille Catholic University (France). 

He was also a member of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France (LEM-CNRS). From 2002-2014 he also acted as monetary policy advisor for the International Monetary Fund and teached as visiting professor in various European universities. He earned a BA, MA and PhD in Economics from the Université Catholique de Louvain. He was also educated at the University of Mannheim (Germany) and at the London School of Economics (United Kingdom) during his PhD. 

He has published several reports related to the money market, central banks and the interaction between monetary and fiscal policies in leading academic and professional journals. In 2005 he was awarded the Josseph de la Vega Prize for his work on the microstructure analysis of the Euronext Stock Exchange focusing on volatility regimes and the provision of liquidity in order book markets. ​

Rodolphe Blavy
Deputy Director of the European Offices - IMF (International Monetary Fund)

Mr. Rodolphe Blavy, Deputy Director of the European Offices of the IMF, has held a number of positions since 2001. As desk economist, he covered key policy issues for emerging markets, in particular related to macro-financial linkages and has been
involved in the negotiation and monitoring of Fund-supported programs. 

In the context of the crisis, he joined the Strategy Unit, a group instrumental in recent IMF reforms, including new lending facilities, financing, cross-country macro and financial surveillance, governance, and the reform of the International Monetary System. 

In the IMF Offices in Europe since 2009, he has been dealing with crisis-related and G20 issues. Prior to his career at the Fund, Mr. Blavy worked at Lehman Brothers as a derivatives trader and at J.P. Morgan as an M&A analyst. Mr. Blavy read doctoral studies at Cambridge University and is a graduate from Sciences Po in Paris and ESSEC business school.​

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