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CFA Media Academy: Join Us & Deepen your Financial Knowledge with our Experts

The CFA Media Academy programme consists of a series of events intended for journalists organized by CFA Society France. At each edition, financial subjects are addressed through a predefined theme, which will be unravelled in a didactic manner.

What is the mission of the CFA Media Academy?
Its aim is simple: to help journalists covering economic or financial news to refresh their knowledge and acquire new ones. Finance experts, all members of CFA Society France, will cover the basics of the topic, address certain technical points and clarify the grey areas. They will be available to answer all questions, to enable everyone to grasp the essential concepts and to go further on more demanding subjects.

How many times per year and when are the CFA Media Academy's sessions organized?
Two to three sessions are organized in French language each year. 
A session usually takes place during a breakfast or a lunch at CFA Society France's headquarters.

What themes were covered in the previous sessions? 
  • December 2019: The last edition of the CFA Media Academy was the opportunity for our participants to review the specificities of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Our Fintech & Innovation expert at CFA Society France's Advocacy Committee, Romain Devai, discussed the concept of "token", the regulation in place as well as the challenges of this type of operation.
Next edition
Information coming soon.

How can I participate in the next edition?
Interested in deepening your financial knowledge? 
Please contact 
Sonia Benkhemis, Ogilvy ([email protected]+33 6 27 48 27 18)