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​Mentoring is the key for developing and sustaining a satisfying professional career, it enables each of us to grow, learn, transform, and accomplish goals.

Whether you are the mentor or the mentee, a mentoring program helps build a dynamic community while ensuring the success of each individual as they achieve personal and professional goals.

As part of our members career development support role, we offer our Mentoring Program designed to pair Members contemplating a career change, having moved into the new role, or simply trying to realise their full potential in their current role, with seasoned professionals interested in accompanying a fellow member in their professional development.


 Who is it designed for?

Mentees: All CFA Charterholders in France at a changing point in their career in search of support and advice.

Mentors: Any CFA Charterholder willing to accompany fellow members in their career development

Suggested areas:

  • Evolution to management or new leadership roles
  • Setting goals for the next career steps
  • Navigating a career transition
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Navigating company cultural codes
  • Managing changing environments
  • Working in a French environment (for international professionals)


For Mentees:
  • Better know their strengths and weaknesses through a sincere analysis
  • Receive constructive and relevant feedback from a fellow professional with similar experience
  • Learn to ask and receive support
  • Consolidate their professional project
For Mentors:

Being a mentor is a very unique way to develop and practice essential management skills:

  • Active listening
  • Giving feedback
  • Setting goals
  • Performance coaching
  • Encouraging and motivating others
  • Influencing others

It also provides:

  • Personal satisfaction from sharing experience and competences
  • Appreciating their own accomplishment
  • Contribute to someone's professional development
  • Develop relationship building skills

 How will it work?


  • Follow up training session/network meeting for mentors and Mentees selected for the session 2019-2020
    • ensure all mentorships have goals and action plans.
    • "help resources" (topical content, mentoring best practices, etc.)
  • Monthly Mentor/Mentee meeting to be initiated and organized by mentees
  • Checkpoints/progress reports to help mentors and mentees stay productive.
  • Mentor assistance (if required)
  • Evaluation interviews with mentors and mentees at the end of the pilot with feedback on the benefits of the program and process.

If you have any questions, please email at

 Interview with:

Alejandro Hiniesto, CFA, Mentor ​​

- Why did you decide to participate in the mentoring program?
I wanted to help someone starting his career the way I would have liked someone to help me as I started mine?


- How has the program corresponded to your expectations?
Indeed ! It did not only meet but rather overdid my expectations. I have also enjoyed getting to know the other mentors.
- How could the mentoring program be improved?
Currently it's geared for young charterholders, it should be upgraded for mentees at mid-career, the challenge being having senior CFA members involved.

- Would you participate in a mentoring program again in the future?
For sure.

- Would you encourage others to participate in mentoring and why?
I would encourage others to participate, it's fun, it does not take a lot of time and, surprisingly, you take out more than you put in.