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CFA Society France activities are categorized as follows.

Please click on the title to see list of volunteering opportunities within that Activity.

Society management and member relations

  • Social Media Content Managers: Curate content from CFA Institute (publications, blog, events) and write posts and tweets to promote it. Training will be provided.
    Needed: 3 volunteers
  • Event Committee Vice Chair: Accompany the Events Chair on all operational aspects and board meetings before taking the leaderrship in 2017-2018.
    Needed: 1 volunteer
  • Vice Treasurer: Assist the Treasurerr on all duties aspects and board meetings before taking the leaderrship in 2017-2018.
    Needed: 1 volunteer
  • Events coordinators: Assist in organizing events and welcome participants.
    Needed: 5 volunteers
  • Events Live Tweeter: Attend events and produce live tweets during conferences.
    Needed: 3 volunteers

  • Event co-organisers: Assist in organising Fintech and Women in Investment Management events for 2016-2017.
    Needed: 2 volunteers

Education and Candidate Relations

  • Video protagonists - Tales of Candidates: volunteers to explain in a video of 2 minutes how they have prepared the CFA Exam.
    Needed: 5 volunteers.
  • QuantAwards Marketing Co-ordinator: Promote the QuantAwards competition.
    Needed: 1 volunteer.
  • University Relationship Officers: Develop relationships with Universities.
    Needed: 1 volunteers to cover  EDHEC relationship.
  • Candidate relations - Mock Exam co-organizers: oversee the mock exam, distribute the materials and answer the questions.
    Needed: 6 volunteers for December and May mock exams.
  • Candidate relations - Last tips Meeting Co-presenters: welcome and answer candidates questions on exam preparation..
    Needed: 2 volunteers.

Promoting CFA Designation

  • Career development - Mentoring Program Coordinators
    Needed: 2 volunteers
  • Career development - Mentoring Program Mentors
    Needed:15 volunteers
  • Employer outreach managers
    Needed: 2 volunteers

Promoting CFA Values

Advocacy: promote CFA values and to take part, together with CFA Society France, in the regulatory and market place debate.  To promote efficient, ethical and transparent capital markets, and serve as a leading voice on investor protection issues).

This entails:

  • participating in Advocacy Working Groups set up at CFA Society France
  • helping answering to regulators consultations
  • maintaining relations with other professional bodies/association (together with the Advocacy Chair and the Board of Society CFA Society France).

  • Working group "Measurement or understanding GIPS Performance Standard": BJoin the GIPS Guideline Promotion Group in France.
    Needed: 3 volunteers
  • Working group "FAR - Financial Analysis and Reporting"
    Needed: 3 volunteers