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 Board of Directors & Executive Staff

CFA Society France has a Board of 9 Elected Directors​​4 Permanent Staff Employees


Jean-Philippe Dorp, CFA

Vice President

Joëlle Harb, CFA


General Secretary

Imad Barake, CFA


Marc Kaadi, CFA

Romain Devai.jpg


Romain Devai, CFA



Sarah Duparc, CFA



Frans Harts, CFA

Franck Heripel.jpg


Franck Heripel, CFA


Boubakar Kabore, CFA

Nathalie Columelli.jpg

Executive Director

Nathalie Columelli, CFA


Head of Transition Management

Alejandro Hiniesto, CFA


Advocacy Managing Director

Bernard Coupez


Events & Operations Manager

Marie-Alix De Meyer



Chair - Romain Devai, CFA


Speak up about ethics, fair and transparent capital markets, and investor protection. The committee is involved in organizing events for members and liaising with regulators, professional associations and CFA Institute on regulatory and best practice issues.


Chair - Jean-Philippe Dorp, CFA


Enhance the presence of CFA Society France in the ecosystem by establishing strong relationships between members and their employers. Build strategic relationships creating mutual benefits for both parties.



Understand, advise and oversee the audit procedures covering CFA Society France accounting, the risk management processes to assure it functions correctly and in an appropriate manner.


Chair - Nikolai Doinikov, CFA


To support CFA Candidates on their quest to earn the CFA Charter through preparation events such as mock exams, discounted prep couses, exam tips sessions and facilitating study groups.


Chair - Julien Ménard, CFA


In light with structural changes in the financial services indusy, this committee aims to bring together members and professionals, to identify opportunities in an asset class, a job position or a specific market.


Chair - Sarah Duparc, CFA


Reinforce the awareness and presence of CFA Institute and CFA Society France amongst Tier-1 media in France. Strengthen communication with members via social networks and newsletters, thanks to the use of Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate to the CFA Charterholders community in France and beyond.


Chair - Gabriel Houette, CFA


Support members of CFA Society France on all subjects relating to ESG issues. The committee offers training and promotes the Certificate in ESG Investing, increases knowledge sharing by organizing conferences and academic sessions; establishes and maintains a network within the ESG community, represents the French community on ESG issues within the CFA Institute and other societies as well as with regulatory and governance institutions.


Chair - Kim Mantel, CFA


Offer regular educational and social events for CFA Society France members; organize conferences on topics regarding professional and personal interests; offer social events that contribute to enhance the community spirit of the Society.


Chair - Philippe Auffray, CFA


The CFA Institute Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are globally accepted standards considered industry best practices for investment performance reporting and presentation. Adopted by hundred of organizations around the world, the GIPS standards have been implemented by most of the top asset management firms.

By establishing requirements for consistent and transparent reporting, the GIPS standards empower investors to compare the past performance of asset managers.

Media Awards

Chair - Philippe Auffray, CFA


Highlight contribution for the advancement of investor education through journalism. Celebrate articles that highlight ethical and professional standards in the French inestment sector, and that mirror CFA Society France's mission and vision.


Chair - Joëlle Harb, CFA


Onboard new Society members and assist them with the application process; manage the members' enquiries while offering activities, education, conferences & events, networking opportunities and soft skills training; promote members' volunteering opportunities; monitor the level of satisfaction with current benefits of the membership via annual surveys.


Chair - Miguel Salas Cam


Support the professional development of our members; raise awareness of what mentoring is and how it works; establish formal mentoring relationships; provide tools, expertise and support to improve the quality of mentorship; create opportunities to share experiences and to create stronger links between members of our Society.


Chair - Joëlle Harb, CFA


Identify society needs, fulfulling them while overseeing our local volunteers, helping them understand their role and fulfill their responsibilities.


Chair - Joëlle Harb, CFA


Support CFA Society France's leadership positions in the investment professional by recognizing individuals whose achievements and contributions have helped raise the standards of education, integrity and professional excellence. Identify, vet and nominate qualified candidates for directorship positions in accordance with the following criteria: being a regular member of CFA Society Frane for at least 3 years; being involved with CFA Society France as a volunteer for at least 2 years; demonstrate the necessary skills to fulfill a Director's role



Develop sponsors and partnership agreements aligned with our 4 key principles: bring value-added continuing education to our members; new partners must bring new value to our members; we do not sell the names of our members; in-kind sponsorship is always a great option

Quant Awards

Chair - Myriam Ferran, CFA


Promote quantitative finance among students in Finance; encourage as many French universities and business schools as possible to participate in the Quant Awards competition; support French students in their preparation; participate in the organization of the European Competition.

Research Challenge

Chair - Sébastien Boulet, CFA


Provide French students with a unique opportunity to interact with investment professionals and top firms while obtaining real-world experience in equity analysis, research report writing, and presentation skills; encourage as many French universities and business schools as possible to participate in the CFA Institute Research Challenge; Support French students in the preparation; organize the local competition by selection the subject company, finding and managing mentors, garders and judges and lastly, managing the report submission and grading.


Chair - Patricia Donnelly, CFA


Provide support to CFA candidates by awarding a financial envelope when needed.


Chair - Eric Thien, CFA


Initiate, maintain and promote the technologies used by CFA Society France in its daily activities; review and integrate new technology offerings from CFA Institute; organize events that help promote technology; conceive new solutions that add value to members.

University Relations

Chair - Nathalie Columelli, CFA


Present the CFA Program, promote the CFA designation to universities and business schools and create new bridges between academic and CFA Society France members.

Women in Investment Management

Chair - Inna Mufteeva, CFA


We strive to promote gender diversity to create an equitable workplace where everyone is enabled to realize their full potential; we address our message to members and employers, to faculty members and students, as well as the general public. Our primary effort is directed at changing the mindest of the local French financial sector to encourage the inclusion of woen and our need to increase the awareness and need to advocate for more inclusive workplaces. We also aim to provide support for young or middle career women in their professional journeys, including encouraging women to join the investment management profession or pursue finance education.

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