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Encouraging Student Participation in Society Events



The CFA Society of Hartford is developing a University Outreach effort in order to strengthen ties between the Society and universities and colleges in the greater Hartford/Springfield/New Haven area. We hope to encourage student participation in the Society and work with faculty and university administrators in adopting a CFA track within their curricula. Our goals are to:

1.  Promote the Hartford CFA Society as the conduit of knowledge and professional development of the investment community in the Hartford/Springfield area by serving as a hub for students interested in a career in investments.  The Society offers networking opportunities, jobs, education, scholarship, mentoring, information and knowledge of the field and ethical guidelines.  It is the ideal partner for universities developing IMP programs.*

2.  Promote the CFA charter and body of knowledge as the global brand by which professionals’ proficiency in the investment community is recognized.

3.  Communicate to students the significance of passing the exam and help prepare them to do so.

4.  Develop a mentoring program between professional CFA Society members and student members

5.  Promote, educate and reinforce ethical standards and conduct as promoted by the CFA Institute.

6.  Encourage student participation in Society events dealing with current topics.

7.  Encourage student volunteerism as an avenue to gain exposure in the investment community.

8.  Work with faculty and university administrators in adopting a CFA track within their curricula. 

*  Investment Management Programs (IMP) have been established under the auspices of the CFA Institute with a number of universities to help prepare select undergraduate students, aspiring to be investment professionals, to sit for the CFA Level 1 exam.  Such university programs incorporate a core body of knowledge covered in the CFA program and usually work with local CFA societies, who provide discount membership, mentoring opportunities and scholarships to cover exam fees.  Students coming out of these programs have a unique advantage in the job market as well as in applying for graduate school.