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Begin the application process. This links to CFA Institute where the application process is conducted on behalf of local societies.

Application Final Review Process

Once CFA Institute has received your  FULLY COMPLETED Application, CFAI will post the Application on CFA Society Houston’s Membership Application Portal for our review and approval.

CFA Society Houston has 30 days in which to review applications for Membership. If CFA Society Houston does not deliver its  decision within 30 days, CFAI will automatically approve the applicant’s CFA Institute Membership and applicant can activate and, if applicable, be awarded their CFA Charter.

However, the CFA Society Houston Membership is not approved by such default procedures but the pending Application for Membership remains available on the CFA Society Houston Membership Application Portal for review and approval for 6 months. If for some unlikely reason no decision is delivered by CFA Society Houston within 6 months, the CFA Society Houston Application would expire.  If the Applicant still desired to join CFA Society Houston, they would  need to resubmit their CFA Society Houston Application.

 Benefits of Houston Society Membership

  • Includes tickets for 20 + events, luncheons and or special meetings held annually
  • Network with peers in the industry
  • Be part of an effectual and common voice to develop and protect the interests of the profession
  • Stay abreast of trends that affect the industry in your market
  • Take advantage of local professional development opportunities
  • Socialize with industry insiders
  • Take advantage of discounts to dynamic and educational local programs
  • Access additional resources, such as job announcements and newsletters

 Types of Membership and Requirements - 4 Types


Dues:  $275 for CFA Institute & $180 for CFA Society Houston  annually

Requirements for Affiliate membership include a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution or have equivalent education or work experience, and passage of Level I of the CFA exam or one year of acceptable work experience. Acceptable work experience is defined as a professional position within the financial services industry. Learn more regarding work experience requirements.

Please note that the twelve months of acceptable work experience required for Affiliate Society membership are not as stringent as that required for the ultimate award of the CFA Charter.


Dues:  $275 for CFA Institute & $180 for CFA Society Houston  annually

Requirements are as listed on the CFA Institute.

Retired  - Affiliate and Regular                

Dues $100 for CFA Institute & $85 for CFA Society Houston  annually


Dues:  $50 per semester

Available to full-time graduate business students of Rice University,University of Houston, or University of St. Thomas.  Access the Student Membership Application HERECFAH Student Membership Application.pdf

 Need a Professional Reference?

View the CFA Institute professional references web page.

  • Three (3)  professional references are required to support your Application unless you have a reference from a Regular member of the CFA Society Houston . In you do have a CFA Society Houston  Regular member as one of your professional references, only one (1) more professional reference [two (2)  professional references in total]  are required. It is highly preferred [but not required]  that one of your references is your supervisor(s). You may not serve as a reference for your own application.
  • If you do not know any CFA Society Houston ​ members, there are people who have volunteered to serve as professional references. View CFA Society Houston's list of potential Houston references that can be contacted.
  • Please do not contact potential references until after you have begun the online application process, and have received an email from CFA Institute that you will them forward to the relevant references. This simplifies the process and prevents any unforeseen delays.

 Already a Member?

  • Existing Member? Find out how to manage your membership on the CFA Institute's Website, log in and then click on the "MY CFA" tab.
  • Access "Manage Account", then "Member Status", and you can access the links for adding/dropping Societies, upgrading your membership, changing to Retired status, and reactivating a membership.
  • Membership year runs July 1st through June 30th.  Dues notices will be sent out starting in May each year.