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 Volunteer Opportunities

CFA Society Houston is a society managed ​​and governed by its volunteers. We are looking for candidates who have the knowledge, skills, and energy to lead one of the largest societies in the nation. It's a great opportunity for you to offer your expertise and ideas to the society. Leadership and volunteer opportunities are available for this year --- what a year to begin your involvement as a CFA Society Houston leader.​​​

CFAH sees our active volunteer base as a crucial component of our success. The society seeks to utilize the interests and talents of our volunteers in the day-to-day operations of the CFAH by providing multiple involvement opportunities aligned with a wide array of volunteer interests.  Volunteers can influence and enrich the events that CFAH society hosts, develop their professional networks, and benefit and promote awareness of the designation.

There are myriad ways to get involved with the society, whether you have an hour a week or an hour a year to donate. From project-based office work, to volunteering at events, to chairing a committee, CFAH is a great opportunity to assist your local chapter while networking and advancing your career. 

Wouldn't you like to be an CFA Society Houston leader?
If you are interested in a leadership position or other volunteer activities with CFA Society Houston​, contact us and join the list below of volunteers. We look forward to hearing from you!

The 2021-2022 Committees & Volunteers
A very special thank you goes to each volunteer.  The Society would not be what it is without all your efforts.

For any volunteer questions you can contact the following Volunteer Chairs: 

Mahesh Desai, CPA, CFP, CFA
Pat Swanson, CFA
Clark Blackman, CFA

Programming/External Relations​​
Giovanna Carter, CFA  [email protected]

Marketing Committee​
Eugene Wang, CFA  [email protected]

Scholarship Committee
Brian S. Quattrucci, CFA  [email protected]
Jung Hwang, CFA  [email protected]​​

Education Committee​​
Tim Hartzell, CFA  [email protected]

Janko Trenkoski, CFA  [email protected]

Women's Initiative
Giovanna Carter, CFA  [email protected] 

Membership & Outreach
Yiying Cheng, CFA
Jordan O'Donnell, CFA