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New Concepts in Behavioural Economics, by Dr Frank Ashe


MERCANTILE ATHLETIC CLUB (Room Baliase Arjuno) Penthouse & 18th Floor World Trade Centre Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 29-31 Jakarta 12920

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08/06/2012 18:30

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08/06/2012 20:30


Topic & Synopsis
Research continues to show new ways in which our psychological makeup affects our economic decision making.  This presentation gives an overview of this research and how deep structures in our brain affect us when we should hope to be our most rational.
Speaker Biography
Dr Frank Ashe
Dr Ashe is an Associate Professor at the Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre.  He has worked in Australia and Canada for insurance companies, investment management firms, and in software development and consultancy. His 30 years of practical experience has been predominantly in the measurement and management of financial risk, with an emphasis on asset liability management, and developing risk measurement and management tools for novel situations; he works now as a consultant and company director.
He is a regular presenter at industry seminars and colloquia, and is formerly President of the Q-Group Australia. Frank has research interests in risk management, corporate governance, robustness of investment portfolio construction techniques, history and philosophy of economics, and the statistical underpinnings of Applied Finance.

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08/06/2012 20:30

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