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How Smart Women Are Managing Their Money 2017


Financial Club, Graha CIMB SCBD Jakarta

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04/04/2017 18:00

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04/04/2017 21:00


Women are earning more money, controlling more money and they are increasingly major consumers of financial services. Work patterns have changed and product offerings are being rebuilt to reflect a diverse perspective. Barbara will describe how women are transforming the way that the financial industry communicates, both internally and with its customers. In 2017, every business is a digital business, every industry is the financial industry, and every job requires financial knowledge. Financial knowledge allows women to move towards meaningful work in any field that they choose. Women are boldly venturing into the world of finance using a combination of analytics, problem-solving capabilities, risk-awareness, intuitive thinking, relationship skills and creativity. They are building careers that are in line with their values. As part of her 2017 Research, Barbara interviewed over 50 accomplished women around the world to uncover three dominant styles in how smart women manage their money. Some women are more structured and disciplined in their approach to their finances, some are highly knowledgeable and strategic about investing, and others are perfectly willing to focus on their personal interests and passions so they will often seek out trusted advisors for their money management. Barbara will offer a current perspective on how financial institutions are responding to these archetypes. These are just the highlights: Barbara’s unique presentation style puts it all in a language that welcomes both women and men; senior executives or more junior workers hoping to learn; and both those with a corporate focus as well as those who are looking for personal insights. Barbara’s talk is especially useful for young women 16-34, who are just getting started on their own financial journeys. Speaker Bio Barbara Stewart is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Cumberland Private Wealth Management, where she works with high net worth investors, both individuals and families. At the same time, Barbara is also a researcher and writer on issues around women and finance, and released the sixth installment of her Rich Thinking series on International Women’s Day in March of 2016. Barbara is a frequent keynote speaker at global events relating to women, money and financial literacy, participating in events across four continents: Istanbul, Toronto, Helsinki, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Luxembourg, Paris, Singapore; Copenhagen, Bucharest, Madrid, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Mauritius, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Montreal and Frankfurt. She speaks at both larger public conferences and at private corporate functions. Barbara is a frequent interview guest on TV, radio and print, both financial and general interest, as well as a former columnist both in print and online for Postmedia newspapers in Canada and the Mrs. R website

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04/04/2017 21:00

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