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New Energy Nexus ( mission is to support entrepreneurs and start-ups who are building the breakthrough solutions that will solve climate change and provide clean energy to all. We are a fast-growing international organization founded in California to provide commercial, technology and financial support to new ideas and young enterprises in clean and renewable energy.

In Indonesia, New Energy Nexus conducts its activities through PT. New Energy Nexus Indonesia ("New Energy Nexus Indonesia") to support the next generation of smart, renewable energy and energy access entrepreneurs in Indonesia. The goal for New Energy Nexus Indonesia is to become a self-sustaining local organization that will support and invest in clean energy startups across Indonesia and make a significant impact in the nation's transition to a low carbon economy.

New Energy Nexus Indonesia consists of 3 main sub-programs:

  1. Startup Incubation and Acceleration: helping new entrepreneurs across Indonesia develop their innovative clean energy business ideas and take it to market.
  2. Stakeholder engagement and education: Through various programs to engage with prospective entrepreneurs and wider stakeholder groups on the benefits of clean energy entrepreneurship.
  3. Seed Fund: Providing grant, pre-seed and seed funding to startups in our programs. The goal is to raise additional capital that can enable the fund to have maximum impact.

We are looking for a highly qualified Investment Manager to be part of New Energy Nexus Indonesia and reporting to its Investment Director.

The Vacancy

This role requires adequate understanding of startups development and ecosystem as well as early stage funding in term of grants, equity and other investment funding suitable for early stage start-ups. Knowledge in the renewable energy field is desirable.

A successful candidate will possess high-level of professional integrity, strong managerial and communication skills spanning from investing, managing, consulting and providing support to portfolio companies to grow in term of financial returns as well as social and environmental impact.

New Energy Nexus culture values audacity, innovation, collaboration and inclusion. We stand for a clean energy economy that works for all. Our organization's entrepreneurial spirit is bolstered by staff who do not shy away from a challenge and are comfortable taking calculated risks.

Key Responsibilities:

● Proactive in developing New Energy Nexus positioning and networks for identifying and evaluating potential investees and similarly co-investment opportunities with other investors that fit into its investment criteria

● Initiate, screen, conduct and complete due diligence (legal, compliance, finance) on potential investees

● Develop, review and update financial models and transaction structuring for potential investment opportunities

● Assist in preparing investment approval memo and valuation work as well as other documentations as necessary

● Support and conduct investment negotiation, finalize investment documentation and other documents related to the investments up to transaction closing and responsible for post-investment management activities

● Monitor and maintain updated records of all investment related documentations (including grant documentation)

● Establish, maintain strong engagement and provide support to investees in monitoring their performance from both financial and impact aspects and reviewing compliance

● Initiate, liaise and coordinate with relevant stakeholders (including internal and external)

● Provide support on other ad-hoc matters as required and as appropriate.


Preferred Qualifications and Skill Requirements:

● Preferably 5 years of work experience in investment activities such as exposure to financial analysis and modeling, legal and compliance due diligence activities

● Bachelor or Master's degree in Engineering, Business, Finance and Accounting or MBA qualification. CFA Level 1 will be considered as a plus

● Excellent analytical and financial modelling skills preferably in early stage investments (such as venture capital and other related fields)

● Work ethic to collaborate with a desire to grow and learn. Possess a can-do attitude, as well as attention to detail

● Outstanding presentation, interpersonal and communication skills in both Bahasa Indonesia (native) and English (fluent).

● Experience and networks from working with startups, incubators and venture capital programs in Indonesia is a plus

● Knowledge and understanding (renewable) energy related regulations in Indonesia are a plus

● High degree of professional ethics and integrity, organizational, prioritization and time-management skills

● Independent and adept in remote teamwork setting involving collaboration in multi-cultural environment

This is a full-time position, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Please apply through:

Posted: 15 July 2021


1. Employer
- One of the EdTech startups in Indonesia which have operated for 8 years with investors from the US, Hong Kong, and Indonesian funds
- The company is one of the seven EdTech platforms approved by the Government for the pra-kerja training program
- The company is having new management since June 2021 with a new set of investors, an expansion plan, and an international management team coming in
- The company is headquartered in Singapore with business pipelines in South East Asia, with the aim to become the leading EdTech platform in South East Asia

2. Job Description
- Corporate finance role
- At least 3-5 years of working experience in Big 4 advisory/securities/investment banking/private equity/venture capital/other growth funds/in-house startup corporate finance
- The candidate is expected to:
a. Perform competitor/business landscape/macro analysis
b. Cleanse, collate, and prepare data-driven presentations for fundraisings and Board meetings
c. Maintain dashboards of financial and operating metrics
d. Analyze capital allocation decisions in our company by looking at data on the effectiveness of our programs, the efficiency of our supply chain, the financial impact from various business partner relations, the productivity of our workforce, and enabling technologies, amongst other internal activities
e. Have a strong work ethic, analytical skills, a clear logical thought process, and business acumen
f. Proficient in the standard analyst toolkit (financial modeling, presentations, memo-writing

The resume should be sent to :

Posted: 15 July 2021

Sinar Mas Land is currently looking for a Section Head role to join our Investment Management and M&A team to cover international real estate industry and investments.


For the role, preferred qualifications are:

- Bachelor degree in Economics/Finance/Real Estate/Industrial Engineering

- Possess an exceptional willingness to learn (trained by current Department Head)

- Interested in financial modeling and case studies

- Proficiency in Excel and Power Point, is a must

- Participation in CFA program is a plus


For the role, candidates who has 2-3 years prior experiences in Real Estate industry and/or consultancy firm and/or investment industry, are preferred.


If you are interested, please send your updated CV, and/or cover letter to

Posted: 14 July 2021


WhatsApp Image 2021-06-22 at 11.40.45 AM.jpeg

Posted: 22 June 2021

We are hiring for Rating Analyst position with this requirement :

• Great analytical skill
• Comfortable in English writing
• Has 1-3 years experience as a financial analyst, auditor or other related professions
• Clearing CFA level 1 exam is not a must but an advantage

What you will get :
• Competitive remuneration package
• Work-life balance
• Great mentoring

If you are interested please send your resume to and

Posted: 10 June 2021


PWC Job Vacancy.png
Posted : 27 May 2021

We are hiring!
BCA Sekuritas is currently looking for an Analyst/Associate role to join our Equity Research team to cover banking and property industry.

For Associate role, the qualifications are:
- Bachelor degree in Accounting/Economics/Finance
- Possess an exceptional willingness to learn (trained by current associate)
- Interested in research and financial modeling
- Proficiency in Excel and/or past exposure to Bloomberg/FactSet, CapitalIQ is a plus
- Participation in CFA program is a plus

For Analyst role, candidates who has 2-3 years prior experiences in banking and property industry are preferred. 

If you are interested, please send your updated CV, and/or cover letter to
Thank you!

Posted: 6 May 2021
Hiring Flyer.jpg0001 (4).jpg

Posted: 5 May 2021


Lowongan, kirim email ke , judul email [FINANCEHEADFORTIUS]

Posisi: Head of Finance
Gaji: IDR 12-15 Juta Nett (Tergantung interview)
Lokasi Kerja: Plaza Kedoya Elok, Jakarta Barat

Deskripsi Pekerjaan:
1. Kompilasi laporan keuangan bulanan, kuartal dan tahunan
2. Melakukan budgeting dan memastikan keuangan sesuai budget
3. Analisa biaya dari setiap produk
4. Analisa manajemen stok
5. Membuat proyeksi pembelian produk
6. Membuat proyeksi keuangan
7. Memastikan perpajakan perusahaan rapi

1. Minimal S1 di bidang terkait
2. Memiliki pengalaman di bidang keuangan (CFA/CPA opsional)
3. Memiliki pengalaman di industri retail menjadi nilai plus
4. Paham tentang proyeksi keuangan dan juga perpajakan
5. Mampu memimpin team dan juga bekerja sama dalam tim
6. Mampu kemampuan analisa, berpikir strategis & detail

Posted: 4 May 2021
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-09 at 5.38.02 PM.jpeg

Posted 12 April 2021
esearch Associate - Indonesia Equity Strategy, Banks, and Property –- Jakarta Based

Morgan Stanley has earned a strong reputation for the originality of its research and the value it creates among investors and decision makers. Consistently ranked among the top in its field, our Equity Research team looks at economic, market, industry and company data to enhance the performance of clients' global portfolios and to help companies set their strategic direction.

An opportunity exists for a Research Associate to join our Indonesia Equity Strategy, Banks, and Property team in Jakarta. The role entails an understanding of sectors in Indonesia, particularly the financial and property sectors, while leveraging Morgan Stanley’s global franchise in putting them a global perspective. The role will require the candidate to support the Analyst in financial modeling & analysis, research report publication, client presentation, as well as database management.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Keeping abreast of Indonesia market, particularly the financial and property industry- related developments
  • Creating & maintaining financial models leveraging skills in accounting, finance and economics
  • Developing & maintaining sector-specific databases
  • Drafting & writing company and industry reports
  • Responding to requests for data and information from internal and external clients
  • Assisting in the design and preparation of analyst marketing strategy and materials
Skills Required:
  • 2-3 years experience in the financial industry
  • Native/professional proficiency in English, additional proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia preferred
  • Strong analytical ability with focus on financial modeling and earnings forecasting
  • Excellent and well-structured written & verbal communication skills
  • Quick learner with an ability to work effectively
  • Proactive & hard working with strong professional accountability
  • Strong focus on coordination and teamwork

Email your application and resume to

Posted 8 April 2021

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WhatsApp Image 2021-03-26 at 1.59.21 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2021-03-25 at 7.48.59 PM.jpeg


PwC Indonesia is currently seeking applicants for the following positions:

Manager - Advisory - Corp Valuation Advisory 

Manager - Advisory - Transaction service

Should you meet requirement and would like to explore this opportunity, you can apply through the link above or send by email to: