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 Panel Discussion, Conrad Hotel, 20th May 10



Introduction from CFA Ireland on Vimeo.
Introduction by CFA Ireland President, Oliver McClure, CFA  (4.30mins) 



Q1 - Rory Gillen, Invest4Centre from CFA Ireland on Vimeo. (20mins)
Question asked by Rory Gillen "Given the scale and magnitude of the global financial crisis, do you believe that we in the investment community have failed? Are we fit to provide views at all about what should be done now?"




Q2 - Corina Radu, Custom House Capital from CFA Ireland on Vimeo. (11mins)
Q2 Asked by: Corina Radu, Custom House Capital "How long will the economic and markets crisis last? Is it over except in a few blackspots, or is there worse to come?"




Q3 - Helen Keelan, Sirikit from CFA Ireland on Vimeo.
Q3 - Asked by: Helen Keelan, Sirikit  ("What investment policies, asset classes and methods should typical Irish DB and DC pension funds be looking at currently? Can we generate real rates of return without taking on inappropriate risk?" (19mins)




Q4 - John Griffith, KBCAM from CFA Ireland on Vimeo. (9mins)
Q4  - Asked by: John Griffith, KBCAM "Are traditional asset classes outdated and hedge funds discredited?"




Q5 - John Murray, CFA, Financial Advisor from CFA Ireland on Vimeo. (11mins)
Q5 - Asked by: John Murray, Financial Advisor "Do current trends in the regulation of capital markets and banking and insurance change anything about how investors should or will devise their investment policies?"




Q6 - Stephanie Condra, CFA, Invesco Pension Consultants from CFA Ireland on Vimeo. (12mins)
Q6 Asked by:  Stephanie Condra, Investment Consultant, Invesco."What types of investment firms are winners and losers in the post-crisis environment?"




Q7 - Ronan Smith, Panel Chair from CFA Ireland on Vimeo. (6mins)
Q7 : (Asked by: Ronan Smith ): "In the next year or two, what do you see as the single biggest financial market surprise: what will happen that is not discounted in markets and that will send strategists and portfolio managers scuttling back to their drawing boards?"

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