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Alper Alkan, CFA


Sercan Uzun, CFA


Farshad Mirzazadeh, CFA


Alper Alkan, CFA

Sercan Uzun, CFA

Püren Kolabaş, CFA

Elif Altuğ, CFA

Aslı Kondu Uzun


İlke Takımoğlu Homriş, CFA


Serra Akçay


Membership & Volunteering Committee Lead: Püren Kolabaş, CFA 

This committee approves membership applications along with the Board, ensures that member data is used for appropriate purposes only, reviews all policy issues relating to membership, communicates with members and makes surveys to determine their needs. This committee also assists the Program Committee for activities planned for members.

Awareness Committee Lead: Aslı Kondu Uzun & Serra Akçay

This committee oversees public communications including advertising, media communications, outreach etc., develops and maintains listing of local media contacts, develops and maintains website entries, issues press releases, feeds, maintains and develops social media sites (LinkedIn, etc.).

Governance, Advocacy, Disciplinary Committee Lead: Alper Alkan, CFA

This committee co-ordinates local advocacy efforts, liaises with CFA Institute, advocates for integrity in the local markets through research, guidance, and publication, works with, and provides a resource for, the Disciplinary Committee where appropriate, organizes and maintain AGMs of the Society, Monitors and evaluates progress of the Strategic Plan, determines Action Plans and maintains Action Plans of the 2-year-term for Directors and Officers.

Employer Outreach & Career Committee Lead: İlke Takımoğlu Homriş, CFA

This committee develops programs and services to enhance members’ professional skills, provides tools and resources for members looking for jobs in the financial community, organizes career development events and reviews all policy issues relating to career support.

Program and Sponsorship Committee Lead: Sercan Uzun, CFA

This committee counsels both current and prospective candidates about CFA Program or any other product/program by CFA Institute, assists Member Value Committee with Charter Award Ceremony, Markets to the local financial industry the CFA Program any other product/program by CFA Institute, organizes regular events include: charter award ceremony and the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

University Relation Committee Lead: Elif Altuğ, CFA

This committee develops effective interaction with local Universities, develops and maintains the CFA curriculum inclusion into the Bachelor and Master Program in Finance, facilitates networking opportunities between Society members, CFA program candidates, students from local universities and professionals, encourages university participation in the Global Research Investment Challenge.

IRC Committee Lead: Sinan Veziroğlu & Sercan Uzun, CFA

This committee encourages and organizes university participation among the natural territory of the society (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia) in the Research Challenge, get sponsorship, determines the subject company, follow local, regional and global Challenge timeline, submits registration forms, assigns judges and graders, prepares and edits all the communication including social media posts, press articles, newsletter articles, congratulations messages, feedback reports, gifts, virtual or in-person venue.

Education & Scholarships Committee Lead: Gönenç Altınoklar, CFA

This committee counsels both current and prospective candidates about CFA Program Review Courses, organizes CFA exam prep review courses, administers practice exam providers, including maintain contact with mock exam providers, administers the Society’s Scholarship Program, administers CFA Institute Society Scholarships.

Technology Committee Lead: Farshad Mirzazadeh, CFA & Gürkan Kızılkaya, CFA

This committee maintains society website and other IT solutions in coordination with committee heads, evaluates technical solutions, manages Society Domain Name and Web Hosting Relationship, website & publishing also outsourced by the social media agent.

ESG Committee Lead: Aslı Kondu Uzun

This committee provides all ESG related trends, research, documents and news, organizes and promotes webinars and trainings, communicates CFA Institute’s research reports, consultation papers, surveys, articles, events and webinars to the members, regulatory and governance institutions and companies, attend ESG related events and provides speakers. 

 Past Presidents

Oğuz Ayhan, CFA 2021-2022
Onursal Yazar, CFA 2020-2021
Albert Krespin 2016-2020                                                                                                              Ertunç Tümen, CFA 2013-2016
Eralp Denktaş, CFA 2012-2013
Onursal Yazar, CFA 2010-2012
Ismail Erdem, CFA 2008-2010
S.Alp Keler, CFA 2006-2008
Attila K. Koksal, CFA 2005-2006
Murat O. Kayahanli, CFA 2002-2005

 About CFA Institute

CFA Institute​ is a global, not-for-profit member organization of financial analysts, portfolio managers, and other investment professionals.