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Japan Investment Conference 2019

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The Multi-Stage Life and The Challenges Facing Financial Services​- 人生100年時代に求められる金融サービス -

   日本 CFA 協会は 7 月 25 日 (木) にジャパン・インベストメント・カンファレンス 2019 を開催いたします。誰もが100年生きうる時代をどう生き抜くか、働き方、学び方、結婚、子育て、人生のすべてが変わろうとする中で、目前に迫る長寿社会において資産運用の果たす重要性は益々重要になっています。

 内外の実務家・専門家がグローバルな観点から「高齢社会における金融分野の課題」について資産運用の観点から課題を浮き彫りにし、講演・パネルセッションを通じて「高齢社会における金融分野の課題」から「高齢社会における投資教育のあり方」「From Accumulation to Decumulation: 資産形成と退職後の取崩しについての考察」について議論を掘り下げ、「高齢社会の課題を機会に: 金融デジタライゼーション、非金融との連携、グローバル知見の活用」を展望して行きたいと考えています。

 日本 CFA 協会は、毎年一回、ジャパン・インベストメント・カンファレンスを開催して参りました。今年は本格的な高齢化社会を迎えようとする今、高齢社会の中で資産運用が今後どのように果たしていくべきか考えていくかを知る極めて貴重な機会を提供いたします。 

 また、「LIFE SHIFT(ライフ・シフト)- 100年時代の人生戦略 -」の共同著者であるアンドリュー・スコット氏をはじめ、「The Only Spending Rule Article You Will Ever Need」の論文でGRAHAM And DODD賞を受賞したバートン・ウェアリング氏など内外から講師を高齢化社会が抱えている課題を今後の資産運用について深く掘り下げて行きます。本カンファレンスを通じて、我が国の資産運用会社やその他サービス・ベンダーが提供する運用商品やサービスが新しいニーズにかなうように改善されていくことを期待します。





 How should we rethink and restructure our lives in an age where we can live for up to 100 years? Every part of life such as work, education, marriage and child rearing is about to change. As we approach an age of longevity, asset management is becoming increasingly important. 

 The Japan Investment Conference 2019, “The Multi-Stage Life and The Challenges Facing Financial Services  -Financial Services Needed in the 100-year Life-” will shed light on asset management in aging societies and welcome prominent business executives and renowned experts as this year’s speakers. 

 Top business executives and distinguished experts in Japan and from other countries will share their insights from a global perspective. This year’s keynote speeches will examine the “Challenges in Financial Services for Aging Societies” from asset managers’ perspectives.  The panel discussions will delve into the “Challenges in Financial Services in Aging Societies”, “Education Models for Fostering Financial Literacy among Aging Investors” and “From Accumulation to Decumulation: Asset Building and Post-retirement Drawdown Strategies.” “Converting Aging Societies’ Challenges into Opportunities through Financial Digitalization, Collaboration, and Global Insights” will examine in the point of not only challenges but also opportunities for an already super-aged but still aging society in Japan. 

• Challenges in Financial Services for Aging Societies

• Investor Education Promoting Financial Literacy in Aging Societies

• From Accumulation to Decumulation: Asset Building and Post-retirement Drawdown Strategies

• Converting Aging Societies’ Challenges into Opportunities through Financial Digitalization, Collaboration, and Global Insights

 CFA Society of Japan (CFA Japan) annually hosts the Japan Investment Conference. This year, CFA Japan would like to offer extremely important and unique opportunities to examine the roles of asset management in the eminent, full-fledged 100-Year Life. 

CFA Japan is honored to welcome esteemed speakers such as Dr. Andrew Scott, co-author of The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity, and Mr. Barton Waring, a Graham and Dodd Award winner for his co-authored article, “The Only Spending Rule Article You Will Ever Need.” CFA Japan is privileged to welcome prominent figures in business and asset management in and outside of Japan. This year’s speakers will look into the challenges aging societies are facing and will offer insights for asset managers and information vendors, so their investment products and services can be updated to meet the new, upcoming needs of aging societies.

 Through the Conference, CFA Japan hopes to serve its members by offering rare, unparalleled opportunities for them to deepen their understanding of the asset management needs in aging societies and to build a network with other outstanding asset management professionals. 


*Seminar will be conducted in simultaneous interpretation.


  9:15- 9:45 Registration
  9:45-17:50 Conference Program
18:00-20:00 Reception

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Behavioral Finance; Portfolio Management; Private Wealth Management; Risk Management

Start Time

2019/07/25 9:15

End Time

2019/07/25 20:00





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Asia Pacific

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東京コンベンションホール Tokyo Convention Hall (TCH)

104-0031 東京都中央区京橋三丁目 1-1 東京スクエアガーデン 5F

Tokyo Square Garden 5F, 1-1 Kyobashi 3 chome,
Chuo-Ku Tokyo 104-0031 Japan



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10,000(早割 7,000)

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25,000(早割 20,000)

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15,000(早割 10,000)


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2019/07/25 20:00

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