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Quantum Computing in Finance

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CFA Japan Webinar Announcement】 


Title: Quantum Computing in Finance


Date: June 9th (Tuesday), 2020 19:00-20:30
Venue: This is Zoom webinar.
Language: English
Topics: Financial Analysis
Speaker: Mr. Paul Hiriart, Co-Founder and CEO, QuantFI
Fee: CFA Society Japan Regular/Affiliate Member, CFA Society Japan Associate / Professional Member, CFA Institute Member of other society, CFA Program Candidate, Non-member: Free
(Global Passport Program is available.)




The presentation would consist of 4 parts:

- Part I: Quantum Computer Concepts

The objective of Part I is to review the key vocabulary about Quantum Computing (Qubit, gates, parallelism, entanglement, teleportation..) so that non specialists can put some concept or intuition behind the words they see in the newspapers, on internet…

- Part II: Quantum Computer Market

Part II is to give an overview of the Quantum Computer ecosystem worldwide so that participants can realize the impact of the technology in the combining years and have some idea about the main players.

- Part III: Financial Institutions activities in Quantum Computing

Part III will be based on high level non confidential information about what financial institutions that QuantFi visited in NY, London, EU and Japan are doing and want to achieve in the coming years.

- Part IV: When will my Company benefit from Quantum Computing?

This is the most difficult topic since there is probably around 100 players working on Quantum Computing hardware, with breakthroughs happening regularly and the possibility to become suddenly viable commercially.


Speaker Bio


Paul Hiriart – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – has over 25 years of experience in banking and information technology in France and Japan. Paul has an MBA from INSEAD and an MSc from INSA and McGill University specializing in IT and quantitative finance.

 About QuantFI:

QuantFi is a “deep tech” company founded in 2019 to perform scientific research in the field of Quantum Computing for Finance.  Privately owned by its founding members, QuantFi is creating intellectual property through the creation of computer algorithms designed to make financial analysis not only faster but also more accurate and predictive.


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If you wish to attend this webinar, please register via website.


We will send the link on Zoom webinar to the registrants before the event.

CFA Society Japan
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Society; Featured

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Financial Statement Analysis

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2020/06/09 19:00

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2020/06/09 20:30





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Asia Pacific

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​※This is Zoom Webinar.


Mr. Paul Hiriart, Co-Founder and CEO, QuantFI

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If you wish to attend this webinar, please register via website.


We will send the link on Zoom webinar to the registrants before the event.

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2020/06/09 20:30

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​【CFA Japan Webinar Announcement】Quantum Computing in Finance

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