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The mission of CFA Society Japan JobLine service is to provide its members with high quality job leads from employers who specifically seek the skills and characteristics of CFA Charter holders.

It will also assist the recruiters to locate most qualified candidates within the field of finance and investment in the shortest time possible.

Our members consist of security analysts, portfolio managers, investment bankers, corporate financial officers, regulators, and educators, typically working for brokerage firms, investment banks, mutual fund companies, trusts, corporate finance department, insurance companies, investment management firms, government, and education institutions.



金融と投資分野において適任な人材をお探しのリクルーターの皆様(エージェントあるいは企業)は日本CFA協会のJobLine サービス(登録フォーム)をご利用頂けます。リクルーターの皆様は求人登録フォームにて求人情報がご掲載頂けます。但し、サービスをご利用頂く為には、日本CFA協会への登録が必要となります。日本CFA協会とは日本におけるCFA Instituteの現地法人です。




Who can use the CFA Society Japan JobLine service? 

Any legitimate recruiters (agents or companies) who wish to search for qualified candidates within the finance and investment field can use CFA Society Japan's JobLine Service (Registration Form).The recruiters can send their job requirement on the Job Posting Form. However, all employers are required to register with the CFA Society Japan, which is the local Japan-based society of CFA Institute. For the benefit of its members its Jobline service is more targeted on job opportunities in Japan. Most employers are either Japan-based or are seeking CFA Charter holders with work experience related to Japan. Candidates should see the disclaimer before starting job search.  

募集:資格の学校TAC CFA講座 教材作成者・講師(TAC 株式会社)

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