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 Our Strategic Plan


この計画は、2時間半の戦略会議を2回行い、その結果として得られた文書の見直しと精緻化を行うという略式の戦略立案プロセスを用いて作成されました。戦略会議では、まず、会員や候補者に関するデータ及び一般社団法人日本CFA協会(日本CFA協会)の財務に関するデータを評価することで、日本CFA協会の現状を把握しました。次に、CFA Institute(CFA協会)のミッションステートメントとビジョンを、同様に日本CFA協会のものと照らし合わせ、CFA協会のミッションステートメントとビジョンを意図的に構成していることで基本的に同意するとの結論に達し、対象領域を「グローバル」から「日本」に変更して採用することとしています。





Our Strategic Plan

This plan was created using an abbreviated strategic planning process which entailed twice of two-hour and-a-half strategy sessions followed by a review and refinement of the resulting documentation. During the strategy sessions, we first assessed our society’s current situation by evaluating data pertaining to members/candidates and the society’s finance. Then we reviewed our mission statement and vision as well as those of CFA Institute, and reached to a conclusion that we basically agreed on those of CFA Institute, as they were deliberately composed, so that we adopt them by modifying the target area from globally to in Japan.

Next, each committee chair presented products and services they were providing, and we discussed the society surrounding circumstances through the SWOT analysis. We also reviewed the results of the member survey we conducted in June. We finally choseawareness as the most important theme of the society which comprehensively could cover our activities. Each committee did their homework to develop their strategy focusing on awareness, and submitted strategic goals and objectives of each committee.

Since it seemed inefficient to summarize the strategic goals and objectives at the society level by entire board, a taskforce consisting of five board directors was formed. Then the taskforce held a meeting to prioritize strategic goals and objectives raised by committees, identifying and assessing possible core strategies.  Finally, we drafted our strategic goals, identified objectives for each strategic goal, and wrote the strategic plan. 

The strategy sessions were attended by twelve (Day 1) and thirteen (Day 2) of the fifteen board directors along with a statutory auditor (Day 2) and administrative staff, facilitated by the president (myself). The taskforce meeting was attended by four of five taskforce members. The draft document was reviewed by the taskforce members first, then by all the board members. A majority of the Board’s comments were incorporated into the final document.

Our strategic plan focuses on four key areas that will propel us towards achieving our mission.  These areas included the member value proposition, a broad brand awareness campaign targeted toward employers, leveraging our relationships with industry participants and universities, and enhancement of our governance process.  This plan is designed to drive value to our members and broad local investment community.

 Strategic Planning/Accomplishments

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CFA Institute is a global, nonprofit member organization of financial analysts, portfolio managers, and other investment professionals.

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