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 CFA Society Japan

CFA Society Japan relies on its members to fulfill its mission. We have established the following committees to provide leadership and in conducting the activities of the society. Volunteer committee members serve an invaluable resource for the society on many matters, including advocacy, continuing education (conference), wealth management, and university outreach. We encourage you to explore the opportunities below. If you are interested in getting involved, or simply have some questions, please contact the society at We look forward to meeting more dedicated volunteers! 

 Programming committee



このたび日本CFA日本CFA協会プログラム・コミッティーでは、会員の継続教育を支援するため、会員向けのセミナーや勉強会などを企画、運営しています。内外の金融・資本市場参加者や学識者などのスピーカーを招いて、最新の金融理論や市場動向の分析などについて講演をしていただいております。過去12カ月で企画し開催したセミナー、研究会、カンファレンスは大小合わせて20回以上にも及び、質量ともに、継続教育の機会提供ならびに会員相互のネットワーキングつくりに貢献しております。 今般、さらにこの活動を充実させるために、新規にボランティアを募集致します。具体的には、多様な観点からのアイデアの提供、各自のネットワークを活用した講師の紹介、イベント運営のサポートなど、意欲的にご協力いただける方を歓迎致します。  これらの活動をとおして、各分野第一線で活躍されている内外の講師等との知遇を得られることはもちろん、コミッティーメンバーとも職種や企業の枠を超えた交流の機会を得ることができます。 ご関心のある方は、事務局( ) までご連絡ください。

The Programming/Continuing Education Committee of the CFA Society of Japan is responsible for the planning and implementation of the various programs to support the members’ continuing education. CE program includes but not limited to – seminars, webcasts, and workshops on various topics. In the past 12 months, we hosted over 20 of these events. We are seeking for the volunteers to help us plan and host these events. The ways to contribute include providing ideas for the upcoming programs, introducing appropriate speakers, and helping out on the actual event day. Volunteering at the Programming Committee will provide you with excellent opportunities to meet with the follow members of the society as well as the various speakers who are the front runners of the industry. If you are interested in getting involved, please apply from the following link. We look forward to meeting you!

 Translation Group



日本CFA協会翻訳グループでは、投資運用業界における倫理および専門性、ならびに資本市場の信頼性の向上に資するべく、CFA InstituteCFA協会)が発行した行為規範、政策提言、定期刊行物その他各種調査レポートの翻訳を行い、当協会ホームページにて公開するほか、セミナーや記者懇談会を通じて広く配布しています。具体的には、CFA Magazine各号より興味深い記事を取り上げ、要約翻訳を隔月発行のニュースレターに掲載しています。また、世界における株主権の現状、取締役の専門性、アジア太平洋地域のREITガバナンスに関するレポートなどは、一部のメディアでも採り上げられ、関連記事や当協会関係者による寄稿にもつながっています。





CFA Society Japan regards communication in Japanese instrumental for our mission to lead the investment profession by setting the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence and advancing the financial market integrity locally in Japan. Translation Group translates CFA Institute publications including Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, research and position papers and other periodicals. These materials are made publicly available via our website and also broadly distributed at seminars or press conferences.  More specifically, the group translates and summarizes several interesting articles from CFA Magazine and publishes them via our bi-monthly Newsletter. Also, “Shareowner Rights across Markets: A Manual for Investors”, “The Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors”, “Director Professionalism: A Review of Director Training Programs in Asia-Pacific”, Asia-Pacific REITs – Building Trust through Better REIT Governance” drew attention of media, leading to further discussion in related articles or interview with CFA Society Japan personnel.

We welcome new active and dedicated volunteers who can help these translation activities.  If you are interested, please contact us via


 University Liaison Committee

CFA Society Japan(University Liaison)
The university liaison committee was established in April 2008, aiming at broadening public awareness among university community, increasing the number of future candidates/members, and constructing close relationship with academics to cooperate in research area through various activities, eg. Investment Research Challenge, university visits, and collaboration with CFA Program Partner universities.

CFA Institute ​​​Research Challenge
 日本CFA協会は,今年で11回目となりますCFA Institute Research Challengeを開催します。 
CFA Institute Research Challengeとは、次世代の金融プロフェッショナルを育成することを目的とし、各参加大学から選出された35名からなるチームが、ある同一の企業の調査分析、投資判断を行い、英語で作成した調査レポートやプレゼンテーションの質の優劣を競い合うイベントです。日本CFA協会ではこの日本大会を開催しており、昨年は過去最多となる18チームが参加いたしました。




つきましては、CFA Institute Research Challenge国内大会の開催をお手伝い下さるボランティアを募集致します。

運営(Project Team

詳細な活動内容等のご質問も随時受け付けておりますので、ご興味がございましたらお気軽に までお問い合わせ下さい。
University Liaison
は今後数年かけて活動を充実させて行きたい分野ですし、そのなかでも CFA Institute Research ChallengeCFA協会の大きな年次イベントの一つとして運営して行きたいと考えております。
CFA Society Japan (University Liaison)

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University Visit
To broaden public awareness of CFA Program, CFA Institute and CFA Society Japan, we regularly contact university professors to obtain opportunities to directly speak to students about CFA.  Research Challenge is a very strong “product” for us to maintain good relationship with university faculties.


Collaboration with CFA Program Partner
Please see Continuing Education section described above

 ‭(Hidden)‬ CFA Society Japan Events





May 14, 2013 「Risk Management: Foundations for a Changing World」



May 15, 2013 「Current developments in commodities markets: major factors influencing commodities futures」




May 23, 2013 米国年金基金運用の新しい波と投資顧問業界がその改変から利益をもたらすには今何を学ぶきか」







 Membership Committee




- CFAプログラムや新資格"Claritas"の宣伝・啓蒙

- 受験者サポート(メンター、受験準備セミナー、模擬試験)

- イベント企画(ボランティア表彰、Charter Award Ceremony、ネットワーキングイベント)


 詳細な説明、ご質問等は事務局( )までいつでもお気軽にお問い合わせください。




In order to increase its activities and stabilise its management, we, CFA Society Japan, would like to invite CFAJ members to join its Membership Committee.

The main tasks of the committee are;

- Promotion of CFA Program and the new program "Claritas"

- Candidate Support (Mentor for candidates, CFA Exam Preparation Seminar, Mock Exam)

- Event Planning (Volunteer Recognition, Charter Award Ceremony, Networking Event)

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 ‭(Hidden)‬ WebSNS Project






CFAJ will organize a project team on our Website and SNS.

We welcome your opinions to improve the contents of our website and to start SNS activities.

Please contact at below email address if you'd like to join the project team or to express your valuable opinions on this matter.



 ‭(Hidden)‬ Wealth Management Forum

Wealth Management Forum(WMF)は CFA Japan の活動の一環として2008年に、組成されました。






● 私たちはCFAとしてグローバルな最先端の知識を個人投資家が理解できるような形で提供します。


● 私たちはビジョンを達成するために長期的な努力と継続的な活動を続けます。

● 私たちはCFA協会および日本CFA協会の一員として、CFAの歴史、知識、グローバル性、倫理を尊重し、誇りをもって活動をします。

● 私たちは日本におけるウェルス・マネジメント分野の真のオピニオン・リーダーとなることを目指します。

いつも時間が足りなくなるほど活発な意見がでます。参加希望の方は CFA Japan 事務局までお申し出てください。

 Continuing Education

CFA Society Japan encourages members to participate in this voluntary program. We offer high-quality, unbiased, and relevant education that professionals need to compete in today’s industry. More information on CE Program can be found here.


Our flagship educational event, in partnership with three universities approved as CFA Program Partners, is CFA Society Japan Program Partner Joint Conference. We present exceptional speakers through the CFA Institute Speaker Retainer Program, together with luminaries from Japan to address topics of interest to the broad investment community.



For more on CFA Program Partners, please see here.


Volunteers are welcome to help organize this conference. It is a great way to meet interesting speakers from abroad and Japan, as well as to meet colleagues who are dedicated to presenting quality educational events.

 Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee in Japan was established in the fiscal year starting in fall 2008 in order to strengthen activities going forward. Advocacy is one important area where volunteers get together and work towards raising the value of the CFA charter by engaging in a variety of activities such as relationship building with other institutions.

The basic goals for advocacy efforts are to promote issues important to our members, our organizations, and the global financial markets. We do so by informing decision-makers so they understand both the issue and our point of view. We also try to encourage decision-makers to take action and make changes - or not.

As committee members we welcome anyone of our members who cares about the global investment profession, and who has a passion for improving the system and effectively representing our profession.

In concrete terms we are trying to do the following:

  • Identify issues which need solutions
  • Gather member input on issue
  • Communicate to members about positions/results
  • Communicate to industry & public about positions

 Board of Directors

The activities of CFA Society Japan are exercised under the authority of CFA Society Japan Board of Directors. The Board of Directors allows certain functions, with Board oversight, to be performed by the executive officer and staff of CFA Society Japan (or committees formed by the Board). The Board is the highest governing authority of CFA Society Japan.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Establishing the basic policies of CFA Society Japan and reviewing any proposed changes to them
  • Shaping and clarifying the mission and vision of the society
  • Shaping, approving and monitoring the strategy of the society
  • Monitoring the organizational performance of CFA Society Japan and ensuring accountability
  • Reviewing and approving the organization's financial objectives, budget, and major financial plans and actions
  • Enhancing the reputation of the organization
  • Promote positive working relationship and communications with members, candidates, other societies, and CFA Institute

 Overview of Board Member Commitment

Each member is elected by the CFA Society Japan membership for a one year term from 1 October to 30 September. The Board has eleven meetings a year. Minimum attendance requirement is set for board members. In addition to membership on the Board, selected members may be assigned a chair function of a committee for the society. These committees may meet in addition to board sessions. The frequency of the committee meetings vary according to the function of the committee.


Additional information about CFA Society Japan Board may be found at:

Leadership Information