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 Research Challenge Terms

Faculty Advisers - the faculty member employed by the Team's university that provides guidance and direction to the Team throughout all levels of competition.

Graders – the individuals selected by the Host to evaluate the Written Reports.

Judges – the individuals selected by the Host to evaluate the Presentations.

Host – the CFA Institute Member Society, CFA Institute, or CFA Institute approved third-party responsible for sponsoring either the local level, regional level or global level of the CFA Institute Research Challenge.

Industry Mentors - the CFA Charterholder that is assigned to the Team by the Host to review the Team’s Written Report and provide critique of the Presentation.

Participants - Facutly Advisors, Graders, Judges, Industry Mentors, and Team Members involved in the Global Investment Research Challenge.

Presentation - ten minute oral and visual presentation prepared by the Team.

Subject Company - the company assigned by the Host to the Team as the basis for the Written Report and Presentation.

Team - three to five undergraduate or graduate students that produce the Written Report and the Presentation.

Team Member - one of the three to five students comprising the Team. 

Written Report - the written research report on the Subject Company prepared by the Team.