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Twelve Decisions Guaranteed To Change Your Financial Future - AAII Presentation

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Investing has never been simpler. When Paul started in the business (1966) there were very few no-load funds (most fund investors paid 8.5% to buy a fund—even bond funds), no index funds, no one knew about the higher or lower expected returns produced by easily identifiable groups of stocks, there were no target date funds, no ETFs, no regular or Roth IRAs, owning 20 stocks was considered proper diversification and Wall Street and the government were able to keep half of what most investors made. As simple as investing has become there are still a manageable handful of decisions that can mean millions of dollars of additional money to be spent or left to children and charities. In this presentation Paul will address his top 12 million-dollar decisions. He believes even first time investors can be encouraged to think through these forks in the road and to make the most logical decision.

By attending the May meeting you will learn:

  • Which equity asset classes you should own and how much in each
  • How you select the best funds to buy in each equity asset class
  • How much you should have in stocks and bonds and how does that change over time
  • Over a dozen strategies you can "safely" use to maximize distributions in retirement

Speaker's Biography:

Paul Merriman is the retired founder of Merriman Wealth Management and president of The Merriman Financial Education Foundation. Paul produces a weekly podcast and writes a regular column for, on their Retirement page. He gives public workshops and has produced videos for CPAs, as well as for the public. He underwrites a course on personal investing, for non-finance majors, at his alma mater, Western Washington University. He recently developed portfolios for Motif Investing and M1. His website has over 300 articles and podcasts on how to build and manage a portfolio of no-load mutual funds or ETFs. He offers free portfolio recommendations for Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade and T. Rowe Price mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF).  He has written 7 books including Financial Fitness Forever (McGraw-Hill 2012) and 3 free e-books available at

Sponsored by American Association​ of Individual Investors, Madison Subgroup.

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5/15/2019 6:00 PM

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5/15/2019 8:00 PM





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The City Of Fitchburg Public Library
5530 Lacy Road
Fitchburg, WI 53711​

The City Of Fitchburg Public Library is located at 5530 Lacy Road, in Fitchburg, WI, approximately one block to the East of the intersection of Fish Hatchery Rd. and Lacy Rd. and a little less than three miles South of the West Beltline highway. Madison Metro bus service is limited to peak times on Route 49, so while possible to arrive via bus, a return bus trip is not available.​


Paul Merriman, President Of The Merriman Financial Education Foundation

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​For more information contact Scott Snyder
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