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Afternoon Workshop for Equity Analysts: Identifying & Monitoring Critical Stock Factors

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​Information overload is one of the biggest contributors to missing great stock calls. Analysts are typically inundated with excessive "noise" about their universe of stocks: hundreds of pieces of information each week from company management, the media and other analysts, much of which has no influence on stock prices. When a stock materially outperforms its peers or the market, it's usually due to only one key factor that often gets buried among all of this noise. Until an analyst can identify and monitor these few key factors, there's a good chance great stocks calls will be missed. 

This workshop introduces analysts to a process to identify and then monitor the most critical factors that deserve their time and attention. As discussed in his book Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts, James Valentine will show you how top performing buy-side and sell-side analysts use this winning formula to invest time to identify 2 to 4 critical factors most likely to move their stocks during their investment time horizon.  Then they spend a disproportionate amount of their time proactively researching these critical factors to determine where consensus could be wrong, which becomes the basis for great stock calls.  Mastering this skill of identifying just the few critical factors per stock helps analysts generate informed insights, forecast, make stock calls, communicate their calls, and for sell-side analysts, maximize their client votes.​

If you are an equity analyst (or aspiring equity analyst) please join us for this unique workshop hosted by one of the premier equity analyst mentors in the country, Jim Valentine.   

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Society; Educational

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Equity Investments

Start Time

3/15/2017 2:30 PM

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3/15/2017 4:45 PM





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​The Madison Club
5 East Wilson Street
Madison, WI  53703


James J. Valentine, CFA

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2 credits

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$30 / University Students $20


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