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Tax Efficient Giving—Maximizing Your Financial Impact - AAII Presentation

Event Description

​Citizens of the United States are among the most charitable in the world. Whenever we give to charities or to individuals, we should strive to be financially efficient, i.e., maximize the funds available to the recipient. During this presentation, we will review tax efficient giving to individuals and to non-qualified organizations. We will also take a deep dive into tax efficient charitable giving. You will learn about:

  • The IRS rules for giving to individuals, non-qualified organizations and qualified charities
  • Tax considerations when giving to individuals
  • Tax efficient methods for giving to qualified charities
  • Charitable Conduits, e.g., private foundations, donor advised funds, Qualified Charitable Distributions, etc.
  • How tax advantaged beneficiaries may increase your legacy, by reducing taxes on your estate

Speaker's Biography:
Scott has been the Madison AAII Subgroup Organizational leader for the last four years. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in business finance from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. During his junior and senior years, he was selected to be one of the few undergraduate teaching assistants. Prior to retiring in 2010, Scott held multiple positions, combining engineering, sales, marketing and management; advancing to the executive management level. Scott's investing experience covers 40+ years, including over 30 years of using computer software as part of the investing process. Scott has used and programmed computers since 1972, including teaching classes on data asset management, digital photo editing and backup methodology.

Madison Meeting Location:
The Oakwood Village University Woods is located at 6205 Mineral Point Road, in Madison Wisconsin. Underground and outdoor visitor parking is available:  Enter Oakwood grounds at the traffic light, at Island Drive and Mineral Point Road. Take the left fork, then the second driveway on the right to enter visitor underground parking, marked "E" on this campus map. Push the button for assistance. Do not park in any spot marked "reserved"; take the elevator to first floor lobby where signs or a receptionist will direct you to the Center for Arts and Education. When you exit the underground parking the garage door opens automatically. You may also park in a surface visitor spot (marked spaces along the drive and up the hill toward the large lot). On foot, enter Heritage (6205 Mineral Point Road) at its main entrance (third driveway on the right, at stop sign) or enter the auditorium doors directly from the lower drive. Directions are available via Google Maps, including public transport options.

The opinions of speakers are their own and not necessarily those of AAII. It is not the policy of AAII or its local chapters, officers or directors to promote any specific investments or techniques of analysis. Presentations are provided solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as solicitations. There are no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of meeting information. Investment information presented may not be appropriate for all investors and should be independently verified.

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3/20/2019 6:00 PM

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3/20/2019 8:00 PM





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United States

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​​Oakwood Village University Woods Center for Arts & Education

6205 Mineral Point Road
Madison, WI 53705


Scott Snyder

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For more information contact Scott Snyder 
608.609.1762 |​

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