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 Prep Course CFA Program Level I Exam


CFA Society Mexico with the goal to offer students an additional support in their preparation for the exam,  organizes live and online courses for candidates registered to the level I Exam for December 2020 of February 2021. This course is taught in Spanish language by Mexican instructors, CFA charterholders. The online course consist of 32 clases: two classes each week (Monday and Wednesday), each class is 3 hours. Students will study the lesson before the class and during it the instructor will review the main concepts and make exercises.


The course is intended as a review of the most important topics of each study session. Participants should dedicate 10 to 15 hours of study before each class. The instructor will develop the topic based on Wiley's presentations and exercises as applicable.


  • Access to the Wiley´s online course platform. Each class will be recorded and valid until the end of the course. At the end of the course, this access will be closed and automatically each participant will be sent their new access to the Wiley´s platform, this access will remain active until the candidate passes the Level I exam. Basically, they will be able to continue having access to all the resources mentioned here except for recorded classes.
  • Each lesson includes a 45-60 minute introductory video from Wiley
  • Study guides in digital format
  • Question Bank (5,200)
  • Tracking and performance menu with metrics
  • Other resources as flashcards and 2 Online Mock Exams