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Cognitive Computing for Financial Decision-making

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Over the last four decades, the major financial markets (bonds, stocks, commodities and real estate) have generated significant positive absolute returns due to favorable tailwinds of falling interest rates, baby boomers entering their peak earning years and increasing global leverage. However, these favorable trends are now abating and will likely become headwinds.

The change in secular trends suggests a paradigm shift in financial decision-making is necessary to capitalize on the growing volume of untapped insight hidden in the tsunami of data. Cognitive computing is the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model, involving self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works. Cognitive analytics is the application of cognitive computing to transform data into insight for making better decisions.

A state-of-the-art web platform has been developed to transform financial decision-making. Investment professionals and corporate executives use a suite of products to derive more actionable insights, resulting in improved returns and greater efficiency. Learn more about cognitive analytics as we welcome Harry Blount from DISCERN, a leader in cognitive analytics for the investment industry.

​Harry Blount's Bio - click here!

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5/5/2016 12:00 PM

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5/5/2016 1:15 PM

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​Milwaukee Athletic Club
758 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Harry Blount

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