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Fall Speaker Series

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Monday, 10/5 
Jose Ursua - Dodge & Cox

US Macroeconomic Outlook & Fixed Income Strategy:
Jose Ursua will provide his thoughts on the US Macroeconomic outlook and how this translates in to his US Fixed Income Strategy.

Tuesday, 10/6 
Andy Laperriere - Cornerstone Macro
2020 Election Outlook: The Stakes Are High For Investors

Wednesday, 10/7
 Claiborne Johnston - Morgan Stanley

Real Assets for Today and Tomorrow: 
Claiborne will discuss global valuations for real assets, the impact of Covid-19 on portfolio positioning and how investors can balance income and total return in a relation to other asset classes/options in the capital markets. 

Thursday, 10/8
 A.J. McGuire - Wellington Management

Structural Changes & Opportunities in Private Equity:
Join A.J. McGurie, Investment Director at Wellington Management, to learn more about the late-stage growth market, how venture capital is changing, and why companies are staying private longer.  He'll also discuss the rising importance of ESG in private investing and how the opportunity set for private impact is growing. 

Friday, 10/9 
Dirk Hofschire - Fidelity Investments

Real Five Key Investment Implications for Rising and Unsustainable Global Debt:
The inexorable trend of rising global debt to GDP is becoming the single biggest risk factor in investment portfolios. High and rising debt levels are unprecedented and the next decade may look very different than history and existing long-term averages.  This has important implications for both governance and long-term strategic asset allocation decisions.

Join Dirk Hofschire, senior vice president of asset allocation research in the Global Asset Allocation (GAA) group at Fidelity Investments, as he shares research that examines the etiology of the mounting debt crisis an the path toward monetary and fiscal policy experimentation that likely lies ahead.  Additionally, he will uncover five key investment implications for capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the global debt predicament. 

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Career; Featured

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Economics; Portfolio Management

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10/5/2020 12:00 PM

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10/5/2020 1:00 PM

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Fall Speaker Series

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The Fall Speaker Series will be held over five days with five virtual events offering outstanding speakers and topics.




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