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​​About the Foundation

CFASMF, the sister organization of the CFA Society Milwaukee (CFASM), was founded in 2015 to broaden the organization's prior decade-long effort to support financial literacy in our community and beyond.

According to a recent study by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, 1 in 3 Americans are unable to cope with unexpected expenses.[1] Additionally, nearly 50% of Americans are not saving for retirement. Most public pension systems are chronically underfunded, and only 44% of U.S. workers participate in a corporate defined contribution plan. Moreover, the future of Social Security remains uncertain.[2]

Only 13% of people ages 18-24 can correctly answer three key financial literacy questions. That number only jumps to 24% for people ages 30-34. Less than 1/3 of Americans know basic financial concepts by age 40, even though most important decisions are made well before that age.[3]

The implications are severe for a society whose citizenry cannot function effectively with regard to decisions about credit, consumption, saving and investing.

Our Financial Literacy Partner – SecureFutures

CFASM (and now CFASMF) has been a proud partner of SecureFutures (formerly Make-A-Difference Wisconsin) since it was founded over a decade ago. Our community of financial professionals is one of the largest sources of volunteer instructors, and our organization provides financial support to SecureFutures year-after-year.

SecureFutures provides financial literacy education across Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to over 100 high schools. Since they began, they have provided financial literacy education to over 80,000 students.  To read more about SecureFutures visit their website​.  

The CFASMF hosted the Annual Charity Golf Outing on Monday,  August 3, 2020.  All proceeds go to support SecureFutures.  ​

To purchase our special edition coffee "Dollars and Sense" Blend​ online - click here!​​​

Every dollar of your support to the Foundation goes to supporting financial literacy.


The Board of Directors and Volunteers​​​

Foundation Board

  • Erik Gauger, CFA, CFP ®, CRPS, AIF, QKA - President and Chair, Golf Committee​
  • Michael Underhill, CFA - Board Member and Chair, Corporate Sponsorships Committee​
  • Jim Fleming, CFA - Board Member


  • ​Ryan Hamilton - Society Member - Golf Committee
  • Ryan Moran, CFA, CPA, CFP ® - Society Member - Golf Committee

To become a volunteer, please email us at 

[1] "Financial Fragility in the U.S.: Evidence and Implications", by Andrea Hasler, Annamaria Lusardi, Noemi Oggero, Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, The George Washington University School of Business", April 2018  
[2] "Asset Owner Governance and Fiduciary Effectiveness: The Case of  Public Pensions", by Christopher K. Merker, Marquette University, May 2017 -