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 Volunteer Opportunities

CFA Society of Milwaukee has a vibrant team of volunteers seeking to bring valuable information and experiences to our membership. We are continuously looking to expand our network of volunteers who bring creative ideas and energy to our group. If you are a interested in becoming a society volunteer to help the society achieve its goals, then please email us at the following address:

Here is a small sample of current openings -

Job Descriptions:

  • Advocacy Committee Member
    Support and spread CFA Institute and Milwaukee Society goals and interests
    Develop and maintain contacts with employers, the press, and other interested parties
    Promote the CFA Institute Codes, Standards and Policy Positions
    Build relationships with other financial professionals, students, and potential members Create awareness of the CFA Charter among the investing public, employers, and government officials
  • Photographer
    Attend meetings and photograph speaker
    Must have camera and ability to email
  • Programming Assistant
    Assist in identifying speakers who may in the area on other business to address our group with relevant topics
    Be mindful of people who would make excellent programming
    There is no specific time commitment for this position, we are looking for a large network of assistants to increase the quality of our programming
  • Outreach Assistant
    Assist in developing and maintaining relationships with employers, universities, CFA Institute, and other Societies
  • Meeting Assistant
    Assist Society leadership with a variety of tasks which include registrations, outreach and facility management day of the event
    This is a perfect opportunity for candidates and future candidates, including students, to get familiar with the Society membership
    As little as one hour commitment, once per year
  • University Panelist
    Listen to investment presentations from students who manage University Student Managed Investment Portfolios
    Review student investment research reports
    Give informal feedback - no writing, no preparation needed
    2 hour commitment

CFA Institute Research Challenge Volunteer Opportunities

  • Industry Mentor: hands on work with university students
  • Report Grader: review and grade student research reports
  • Presentation Judge: listen to and critique student stock recommendations 


Brian Andrew, CFA
Dave Becker, CFA
Kevin Borchert, CFA
Jeffry Brigman
Kathleen Brook, CFA
Robert Bukowski
Stephen Comerford, CFA
Leon Dodge, CFA
Adam Drake, CFA
Joseph Eberhardy, CFA
Brett Elver, CFA
Pam Evason, CFA
Jim Fleming, CFA​
Craig Fuhrmann, CFA
Mike Gandrud, CFA
William Gregozeski, CFA
Mark Heaselden, CFA
Andy Hinz, CFA
Kristin Holzhauer
Craig Hulce
Bill James, CFA
Michael Jolin, CFA
Steve Lilly, CFA
Tyler Lynch, CFA​
Zach Newcomer, CFA
Michelle Picard, CFA
William Priebe, CFA
Alan Puritan, CFA
John Reinke, CFA
Paul Rokosz, CFA
Keith Schicker, CFA
Daniel Stier, CFA
Jean Wangard, CFA
John Weitzer, CFA

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