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CFA Exam Tips and Reminders
The CFA™ examinations are very comprehensive, difficult, time-pressured and exhausting. The key to successfully passing the examinations is preparation. You should expect to devote a minimum of between 250 and 300 hours to prepare for each examination and plan on beginning your preparation no later than between 4 and 6 months before your exam. Since most candidates do not pass their CFA examinations the first time, it is critical to know how to prepare, where to focus and that you have the support you need to succeed.

CFA Program
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About the Exams

Each of the three CFA Exams is six hours in length, equally divided into a morning and afternoon session. Each session is a self-contained unit: i.e., one cannot answer morning session questions in the afternoon. Questions about exam day? Click here to be redirected to CFA Institute's Testing Policies page.

We have a page with information dedicated to each of the three levels of the exam. Select the appropriate level to learn more:


 Level I

 Level II

 Level III



Topic Weightings

Not all topics are given equal weight at each level of the CFA Exam. Although variations exist from year to year, and the categorization of multi-faceted problems are open to some interpretation, Stalla's estimate of the relative importance of the different topical areas for the different levels of the CFA Exam is as follows:

See the breakdown of topic weightings here

The Game Plan:

Develop a Study Plan. The first step in starting your quest for the CFA charter is to develop a detailed study plan. There is a great deal of material to be mastered in a relatively short amount of time, so organizing your efforts is a critical success factor. When developing a study plan, it is important to keep in mind that the unexpected often disrupts our original intentions. Therefore, it is also important to periodically review and adjust your study plan so that course corrections and intelligent compromises can be made when appropriate. The scope of the exam and the sheer volume of material can seem overwhelming, but setting up a sound study plan at the beginning and making reasonable adjustments as you progress will help mitigate much of the stress.

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Taking the Exam: Tips and Tactics

There are several tips and tactics for preparation and exam-day.

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Source: CFA Chicago