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​​​​​​​Annual CFA Society Minnesota Membership Dues

Individuals joining for the first time pay dues upon activation of their membership and annually thereafter. Each season runs from July 1 – June 30, and dues are collected in the spring. If you are a member of CFA Institute (Affiliate, Regular, or CFA Charterholder), you will pay all your dues each year through the CFA Institute online system. If you are a Student or Local-Only member, your dues will be paid directly to the CFAMN office in Minneapolis by check or by credit card.


 CFAMN Membership Type

Annual Dues for 2021-2022

 Regular/Charterholder Society membership through CFA Institute


Renewing Local-Only membership


Retired or unemployed status


First-year of Local-Only membership or Student


Members 70 years of age or older receive free, Institute and Society Memberships

For non-CFA Institute members renew below:

Contact Megan with questions, thank you!

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