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Demand the Best: Demand a CFA® Charterholder

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Congratulations to our local investment and finance professionals who recently became CFA charterholders, joining the tens of thousands of charterholders around the world building a better world for investing.

These individuals achieved the highest distinction in the investment management profession by completing the CFA® Program. They've proven themselves by dedicating on average 1,000 hours of intense study to pass one of the most rigorous series of exams in the financial industry. Learn more about the credential.

Lofton Bedford
Alvarez, CFA
Matthew Paul
Beam, CFA
Anthony Louis
Cirillo, CFA
Charles Christopher
Eidson, CFA
Fang, CFA
Chadd Mitchell
Garcia, CFA
Joel Anthony
Johnson, CFA
Joseph Gregory
Koch, CFA
Leroy Arthur
Munster, CFA
Charles Joseph
Sauer, CFA
Michael James
Siefert, CFA
Brian James
Tolin, CFA

Demand the Best.
Demand A CFA Charterholder.

Find CFA charterholders around the world. Connect with charterholders and investment professionals who could be the addition your firm needs.

Hire a CFA Charterholder Today