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 JA Stock Market Challenge

Stock Market (joint logo)1.pngCFA Society Nebraska is proud to have been the presenting sponsor of the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge held Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at Nebraska Innovation Campus. Having been the presenting sponsor since 2016, this event provides CFA Society Nebraska the opportunity to share with the students the mission of CFA Institute, the CFA Charter program and careers available in the investment field. At this year's event, held both in person and virtually due to the pandemic, nearly 1,000 high school students across the state of Nebraska participated in the LARGEST Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge in the country, experiencing the stock exchange first-hand! Based on feedback from last year's event, 83% of students and teachers surveyed said "they will use the knowledge gained from this experience to help attain future economic success" and 76% now have a "better understanding of how world events and industry developments impact the financial markets."  The students get a taste of real stock market action as they trade throughout a simulated day on the market floor to compete for prizes. The event is provided free to students thanks to generous corporate friends who sponsor high school teams.  Learn more at Junior Achievement's website.
Competition Details:
  • Teams are issued $1,000,000 in mock stock to invest in 26 fictitious companies. 
  • Each trading day lasts just ninety seconds - thus two months of trading are condensed into an exciting two hours.
  •  On-site traders with PDAs make buying and selling instantaneous, so trading is fast, furious and fun.
  • Periodic news releases and "hot tips" reflect fictitious world events and industry developments, which in turn cause stock prices to fluctuate.
  • Participants must be on their toes, constantly reacting to the market's ups and downs. The frenetic atmosphere ensures urgent and intense action to simulate a real trading floor, thus guaranteeing a "Wall Street" style learning experience the students will never forget.

 Competition Pictures