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RMFI semester 1: The foundations of risk management and financial institutions

Event Description

Did you know that: 

1. you can follow individual semesters/sessions of the VU - Risk Management for Financial Institutions program without having to register for the full MSc degree program?
2. each semester is worth a maximum of 60 CE credits?
3. that the lectures and learning materials are in English?


RMFI Semester 1:
The foundations of risk management and financial institutions​


Semester 1 of the VU - Postgraduate Risk Management for Financial Institutions program is all about the foundations of risk management: what is a risk and what is Risk Management? How are risks identified, described and calculated? Why are existing methods of risk management used, how were they developed and what is wrong with them or could be improved on? This provides the foundation for understanding and improving existing methods and techniques.

In the second part of the semester, archetypes of various financial institutions are described based on cases. This leads to the study of the business strategies used by the various financial institutions. This allows us to construct a framework in which to analyse risk management and formulate ideas for new risk management in students’ own companies.

The semester consists of 15 lectures, coordinated by drs. Jos Verstraelen


  • Students become familiar with the characteristics of financial markets and the corresponding typical quantitative risk management methods
  • Students become familiar with the development of the terms risk,  uncertainty, and risk appetite
  • Students get to know the characteristics of and differences between the risks within the archetypical financial institutions -
  • ​Students learn how to solve complex practical risk management issues and how to report the solutions.​

Program overview
  • View a short summary of the 15 lectures here.
  • View the schedule here
  • Read more about the VU - Postgradute program Risk Management for Financial Institutions or download last year's brochure here.

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Education Topic

Risk Management

Start Time

1-9-2018 19:00

End Time

26-9-2018 22:00





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Location Info

Vrije Universiteit FEWEB
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam


Prof. dr. Theo Kocken, Dr. Daniëlle Melis, Dr. Norman Seeger, Drs. Sikko van Katwijk, Dr. Arjen Siegmann, Prof. dr. Fieke van der Lecq, Tim van Hest MSc, Drs. Pieter Bouwknegt, Drs. Pim Poppe RBA, Dr. Charlotte Werger en Prof. dr. Remco Zwinkels

CE Credits

60 incl. exam | 40 excl. exam

SER Credit




Member Price

6.000 exlcuding required reading materials

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Candidate Price



If you would like to register for the semester, or receive more information please contact



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