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Advocacy involves increasing the public awareness and recognition of the CFA Charter, and RBA and RMFI designations by building and maintaining relations with the regulatory agencies and other professional organizations.


CFA Society VBA Netherlands promotes ethics, standards, professionalism and the importance of our education programs in achieving our goals.  We engage with industry assocations, relevant interest groups, local regulators, professors, employers and the media.

The benefit of public awareness is two-fold:

  1. It has a direct positive impact on you as a member, Charterholder, RBA or RMFI  as your designation will gain in recognition and influence and distinctiveness in the local market. 
  2. The local society has a positive impact on standards and ethics within the local capital markets and influences regulation.

Want to learn more about advocacy? Please send an email.


Join our Advocacy efforts​​

Now that the merger of CFA Society Netherlands and VBA has created one strong and diverse organisastion for investment professionals in the Netherlands, we can now speak with one (stronger) voice in the marketplace.  Our discussions with regulators, employers and stakeholders now have double the weight.  In order to strengthen the Advocacy function and maximise our impact we are establishing an Advocacy Commttee to support the board of the society with its work in this field.  A good example of our involvement to-date are the discussions we are conducting with DSI and employers to ensure that our members become MiFID II compliant as soon as possible, and remain complaint, through our continuing education platform.  

If you are interested to volunteer for the society, want to increase your influence in the market and engage with regulators, employers, stakeholders and like-minded professionals; if you have an affinity with standards and regulations; if you have a strong network in the local investment management community, a role in the Advocacy Committee is for you.  Please contact Pieter van Putten for more information or to inquire about application procedures.