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 Why Join CFA Institute?

Membership in CFA Institute demonstrates your commitment to the investment profession and to the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour.  In fact, membership in CFA Institute is required in order to maintain your Charterholder status. There are many benefits of membership of CFA Institute.

 Why Join CFA Society Netherlands?

Membership in the local CFA Society Netherlands helps to supplement your professional and career development through networking, knowledge sharing, and Continuing Education events. With your support, the Society aims to maintain the professional skills and ethics that will contribute to stronger and more ethical Dutch financial markets and regulations.

As a local member you will be able to:

  • Network with peers in the Dutch or Global financial industry
  • Be part of an effective and common voice  helping to develop and protect the interests of the local investment profession
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends and research that affect the financial industry
  • Take advantage of local professional development opportunities
  • Socialize with industry insiders
  • Take advantage of discounts to high-profile local events
  • Access additional resources, such as the job portal and volunteering and committee positions

Membership in CFA Society Netherlands is open to all members of CFA Institute and candidates in the CFA program.  When you apply for membership with CFA Institute, you also apply for membership with your local society.  Both CFA Institute and the local society review your work experience and sponsor statements in order to ascertain your eligibility as a member.  Membership within CFA Institute has two categories, Regular and Affiliate.

Level of Membership Requirements
  • 12 months of acceptable professional work experience
  • Adherence to Professional Conduct Statement
  • Two qualified sponsors
  • Annual membership dues
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution or equivalent
  • 48 months of acceptable professional work experience
  • Level I exam or the Standards of Practice Examination
  • Adherence to the Professional Conduct Statement
  • Two qualified sponsors
  • Annual membership dues
Regular member/CFA Charterholder
  • Fulfill Regular membership requirements, plus
  • Levels I, II, and III Exams
  • Maintain Charterholder status annually

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