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 Why Join CFA Society VBA Netherlands?

Membership in CFA Society VBA Netherlands helps to supplement your professional and career development through networking, knowledge sharing, and continuing education events and courses. With your support, the society aims to maintain the professional skills and ethics that will contribute to stronger and more ethical Dutch financial markets and regulations.

You not only benefit from local activities as a member of CFA Society VBA Netherlands. You are​ also member of CFA Institute and will enjoy access to CFA Institute's wide assortment of content, publications, research, events and conferences. Learn more about CFA Institute content here​.

Membership in CFA Society VBA Netherlands is open to everyone. We gladly welcome new members who are working in the investment industry.


Benefits of membership
As a member of CFA Society VBA Netherlands you will be able to:

  • Attend free and discounted high-profile local events and high quality courses
  • Network with peers in the Dutch or global financial industry
  • Actively participate and share knowledge in specialised committees
  • Access a wide variety of continuing education (CE) content and track and manage your CE with an online tracking tool. CFA Society VBA Netherlands offers a minimum of 20 live CE points in English and 20 live CE point in Dutch annually
  • Be part of an effective and collective voice advocating for the profession through engagement with industry associations, policy makers and regulators
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends and research that affect the financial industry
  • Take advantage of local professional and career development opportunities
  • Access additional resources, such as the job portal and volunteering positions
  • Enjoy access to a wide variety of written and on-line content, webinars and research, in English and in Dutch on both local and global content, some of which is available only to members
  • Utilise the Member App to read and download content, follow events and blogs and automatically record your CE


Already a member?
If you are already a member of either the former CFA Society Netherlands or VBA beleggingsprofessionals, a different membership process applies.

  • If you are already a member of CFA Institute and the former CFA Society Netherlands, click here.
  • ​​​​If you are already a member of the former VBA beleggingsprofessionals​, click here.

Application process
Membership in CFA Society VBA Netherlands is conditional upon membership in CFA Institute and the same terms apply. CFA Institute manages the membership application, acceptance and payment process. When you apply for membership at CFA Institute you are requested to also join the local society. It is possible to become a member of CFA Institute only. The same conditions apply for membership, but the member would receive only CFA Institute content and benefits and not have access to local benefits. For new members, the below membership conditions apply. Apply for membership in CFA Institute and CFA Society VBA Netherlands here​.​


Membership in CFA Society VBA Netherlands amounts to $400 annually and the membership year runs from July until June. Of your annual dues, $275 goes to CFA Institute and $125 to the local society.

Membership Category Conditions
  • To be introduced


For more information, send an email or call 020-6182812.

Apply now for membership in CFA Society VBA Netherlands and CFA Institute.​