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 Our Continuing Education Program

CFA Society VBA Netherlands is an association that stands for quality and integrity. Membership in the society thus confirms the professional and visible way in which members demon​​​​​strate their commitment to the profession. Members of CFA Society VBA Netherlands are at the top of their fields in the Netherlands through their continuing professional development activities and work experience. They have the right knowledge and skills to excel in the investment industry and achieve the best outcome for their clients.  
As with any profession, continuing education (CE) is necessary in order to stay relevant in the industry. Members of CFA Society VBA Netherlands are therefore expected to maintain their knowledge and skills through continuing education. The association supports its members with a high-quality voluntary program of educational events, CE modules, online courses, and arrangements with third-party CE partners. ​

 Recording CE activities

The voluntary Continuing Education (CE) Program​​ is a framework for our members to identify educational activities that contribute to ongoing professional development. Our members can easily record and manage their activities using CFA Institute’s online tracking resource.

Participation in our CE Program is highly recommended. You can claim compliance with the CE program by completing 20 hours of qualified activities annually, two hours of which should cover Standards, Ethics and Regulation (SER). There are a number of ways to demonstrate compliance​ for those who wish to share their participation in the CE program with (potential) employers, clients and regulators.
Under the CE Program, members get 1 CE point or credit for each hour of content. In order for your CE activities to qualify they must be documented and recorded in the CE tracking system. Learn here how the CE program works and how to track your efforts.  

 How to earn credits

There are several ways to keep your knowledge up to date. Locally you can qualify for CE credits by attending any of the variety of educational events or CE modules​ organised or co-organised by CFA Society VBA Netherlands. In addition, the website of CFA Institute offers a multitude of options, ranging from being added to financial news mailing lists, attending specific events, or online learning. Upon completion of any of these items, CE credits can be added automatically to your CE diary.
Content produced and culled by CFA Institute is availabl in the form of ublications, periodicals, books, research papers, webcasts , online learning courses, book summaries and reviews, blogs and more. ​We invite you to browse the library of CFA Institute content which can be searched by topic area. ​

 Quality control

​​CFA Institute and CFA Society VBA Netherlands take the utmost care that the activities offered under the CE Program meet our high standards in providing relevant educational products for our members.

Overseeing the local offerings are the CE Curatorium and the CE Accreditation Committee. The CE Curatorium supervises the quality level of the CE modules offered by CFA Society VBA Netherlands. The Accreditation Committee​ assesses CE activities on quality and added value.​


Should a member not be satisfied with the added value, content or organizational aspects of the CE modules organised by CFA Society VBA Netherlands or the educational blocks of the VU-VBA Investment Management program or Risk Management for Financial Institutions (RMFI) program that are followed via CFA Society VBA Netherlands a member can submit a formal written complaint. For more information: Complaints procedure CFA Society VBA Netherlands Continuing Education Activities. For more information contact us per email.

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