CFA Society VBA Netherlands

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​"A career does not develop organically it has to be actively furthered, through gaining the right education, work experience and through building of the right network"

Clearly, the above quote puts the onus of developing one's career squarely on all of us individually as members. But, that doesn't mean the Society can't and won't (try to) help members further their careers as investment management professionals. Hence, our Society's Career Management efforts.

They are organised along two lines: to assist our members in, one, acquiring the right skills and two, to have access to the right opportunities for achieving their career goals. In this regard, skills can cover anything from interviewing techniques, networking skills, to presenting the right CV. Opportunities can cover anything from putting members in the know of job opportunities to advocating the family of CFA Charterholders as talent to relevant employers.

The cornerstone of our career management efforts at this point is without a doubt our Mentoring Program, now in its second year. But next to that we have our 'Working in..' Sessions, aimed at provinding members a sneak peek into core investment management roles, delivered by senior people in those particular roles. And then we have our workshops with core recruitment firms in our space, helping you make or prepare for a next step in your career. Finally, the common thread to all this - and here not by chance referring back to the starting quote - our Society's efforts are geared to facilitate us members building a strong and lasting network of investment professionals among ourselves.

Local Sponsor of Career Development Activities​

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 Career Resources

In order to facilitate members in making the right employment decisions, CFA Institute offers access to a wide variety of Career Resources (login code required).​

  • Career Events.  Organised occasionally by CFA Society Netherlands career events aim to update members' skills or put them in touch with employers or members of the financial community through job fairs, meet and greets, networking opportunities and more. 
  • The CFA Institute Career Centre offers access to career planning, networking forums, CV tools, career research, professional assessments, coaches, and other resources. A log-in for access to My CFA is required.
  • The CFA Institute Jobline is the central job portal offered by CFA Institute. A log-in for access to My CFA is required.  The Jobline portal is a global job listing resource available free of charge to CFA Society Netherlands members.