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 Content Committees

​Content-specific committees focus on specific professional/topical areas; following the latest developments, carrying out research, or organizing events. ​
Accounting Committee 
John van Scheijndel 
Asset & Liability Management Committee 
Eric Mathijssen
Behavioural Economics Committee
Erik Aalbers 
Ethics & Integrity Committee 
Alwin Oerlemans 
Fixed Income / Dutch Commission on Bonds
Kiemthin Tjong Tjin Joe 
Investment Performance Measurement Committee 
Casper Lötgerink 
Private Banking Committee 
Hans Volberda 

 Working Groups

​In addition to Content Commttees we have working groups which are either temporary in nature or are 'Committees in waiting'.  Working group topics currently include: 
Active Management
Masja Zandbergen

Innovations in Asset Management 
Jeroen Tielman


Innovations in Retail Investing

Bernard Janssen 

Risk Standards 
Anne-Marie Munnik
Private Equity Committee 
Lodewijk van Pol 
Real Estate Committee 
Joris Winters 
Risk Management Committee 
Bob Out 
Sustainability/Responsible Investment Committee 
Robert Klijn 
Tactical Asset Allocation Committee 
Eelco Ubbels 
Technical Analysis Committee 
Juus de Kempenaer