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 MiFID II stay compliant program

Institutional Advisors and Information Providers
Teach-in videos and transcripts

The program for 2020 consists of at least the following modules

  • Search for yield (for Advisors only) - available
  • Responsible Investment & Climate risk - available
  • Laws & Regulations - available
  • SRD II & Stewardship Code - available
  • Risk Management - available
  • Integrity of Financial Markets - available
  • Investing for Pension Funds - available

Other modules may be added during the year based on current events. All modules in the 2020 program must be completed before the end of the year in order to stay compliant for MiFID II. Participants will be notified when a new module including assessment is available. All modules will be well in time available to complete the program by the end of the year.

 Teach-in Video: Search for Yield (Assessment for Advisors only)

 Teach-in Video: Responsible Investment & Climate Risk

 Teach-in Video: Laws & Regulations

 Teach-In Video: SRD II & Stewardship Code

 Teach-in Video: Risk Management

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