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 Already a member of former CFA Society Netherlands?

For members of the former CFA Society Netherlands the merger will not change much, administratively. You will continue to be a part of CFA Institute and a larger, more dynamic, local society: CFA Society VBA Netherlands.

The membership renewal process will kick off in May 2018 and will be managed in much the same way as in prior years.

Current members are asked to keep their personal contact information, work details, and annual membership up to date on their on-line profile​

​Not currently a member of the society?
If you were already a member of CFA Institute but not of the society, we encourage you to reconsider. The new society will offer more benefits​: more opportunities for CE, more content, more events and more contact with industry professionals. Most of our events will now also be offered for free. All for the same local member price of $125 as before. In May 2018 when you renew your membership with CFA Institute be sure to add on the option for membership in the local society. Charterholders who are members of the Institute but not of the society will be charged a fee to attend local events and will not have access to career development programs and members-only networking and other activities.

For more information contact:

 No longer working in the investment profession?

If you no longer work in the investment profession or have taken a temporary break but wish to maintain your connection with CFA Society VBA Netherlands, we offer a Retired Membership status. To find out more, visit the CFA Institute Website. 

 Looking for a member?

Access to the network of CFA professionals is available through the Member Directory (login required). Members of CFA Institute can be searched by
  • First or Last name
  • Company name
  • City or country

Not all charterholders are listed in the public version of the member directory. To verify the charterholder status of members who did not opt in to the public directory, contact CFA Institute with the member's name and business address.

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