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 Level I Online Workshop: Derivatives

CFA Society VBA Netherlands offers the candidates another online Level I Exam prep Workshop with seasoned CFA lecturer Jonathan Bone! The workshop will be given on wednesday 19 April 2021, 16:00-18:00hrs.

Access to the workshop is free as a courtesy to our candidates. We usually pick a topic that proves difficult at the exam. Jonathan will make the most complicated topics easy to understand. The topic that you will explore this time is Derivatives.

 CFA Exam Preparation

The CFA Exam is designed to be self-study. CFA Society VBA Netherlands cooperates with external organisations to offer you a selection of local preparation opportunities to help you on your journey. 
Your first and foremost resource for preparing for the CFA Exam is the CFA Institute website, where you can find a multitude of eBooks, outlines, practice questions and other online resources. Visit the CFA Institute website​ for an overview of all of the study sup​por​t​ available to you (for free).  ​
For more information on CFA Exam Preparation activities and offers, feel free to send an email.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Exam Preparation and review courses

Sometimes you need a bit of extra support, or classmates with which to share knowledge and efforts. We offer a couple of local options.


CFA Exam Prep Workshops Levels I, II, III

On March 5 2020, Kaplan and Top Finance will share valuable study tips and throw light on challenging topics such as Cashflow Statement Analysis (an area that continually proves to be one of the most difficult of the CFA curriculum, for Level I and II) and Constructed Response and How to Pass Level III Exam (for Level III).
The CFA Exam Prep workshop gives you an opportunity to gain insights and ask questions about topics related to all the three levels of the exam. You will also have the chance to form study groups, purchase calculators at a discount, win a scholarship for Kaplan study materials(!!) and network.

Program Levels I & II 
Jonathan Bone, CFA, Kaplan Financial UK

15:30  Registration
15:45  Tips for optimal exam preparation, 
16:30  Cashflow Statement Analysis Workshop Levels I & II; Jonathan Bone, Kaplan Financial UK
18:00  Networking Drinks
19:00  End of program

Program Level III
Cees-Harm van de Berg, CFA, Willis Towers Watson
16:30  Registration
16:45  Constructed Response and How to Pass Level III Exam Workshop,
17:45  Real-life preparation tips from panel of new charterholders
18:00  Networking Drinks
19:00  End of program



Our partner University of Amsterdam/Amsterdam Business School offers a 20-week review course, starting the second week of January, for Levels I and II.
Level I – starts on 8 January 2020 (19:00 – 22:00). 20 sessions on Wednesdays.
Level II – starts on 4 February 2020 ​​(19:00 – 22:00)​. 15 sessions on Tuesdays.
The course covers the entirety of the CFA Levels I and II programs​ and includes a Mock Exam (TBA). For more information and to enroll visit their website.

 Top Finance-logo-website-2.jpg 
Kaplan Schweser and Top Finance have partnered to offer a 5-full day intensive revision workshop for all three levels. There are still spaces open for Levels II and III.​
5-Day Intensive Review Workshop Dates:
Level I: 3-day online Review only (for more information contact Top Finance)
Level II: Live workshop 11 to 15 May 2020​ 
Level III: Live workshop 4 to 8 May 2020 ​
Time: 9:30 to 17:30
For more information and to register visit the Top Finance website​.​
Visit the personalised portal on the Kaplan website to learn more about options for Live and Online courses and Study Materials to help you with exam preparation.  


Vrij University offers a year-long review course, consisting of evening lectures and a three-day intensive examination training session for Levels I and II of the CFA Exam, starting in September. For more information visit the VU website​ or check the flyer.

 Exam Prep Events

Exam Prep Workshops

Whether you are a newly enrolled Level I candidate or  a seasoned Level II or III taker, the CFA Exam Prep Workshop is the perfect place to  supplement your preparations.  The workshops by CFA Society VBA Netherlands are a service to the CFA candidates in our region and are free of charge. They give you an opportunity to gain insights and ask questions about topics related to all the three levels of the exam. You will also have the chance to form study groups!

The latest online Exam Prep Workshops took place in October 2020. The workshops by Jonathan Bone on Level I and Level II have been recorded. You can find both videos below.

Online Mock Exam

As the regulations prohibited the organisation of a Live Mock Exam, we switched to an online mock exam in December. Candidates received the special price of $65 and it had the following characteristics:
  • Timed 6-hour exam (two 3-hour sessions) 
  • CFA Institute topic weightings 
  • Printable answer key and online answer explanations 
  • Online scoring and performance tracking by topic area with a comparison to other Mock Exam candidates
  • Answer explanations that include LOS and CFA Program curriculum page references for every question 

After taking the Online Schweser Mock Exam, the Mock Exam Tutorial gives you a detailed explanation of how we arrived at the answers. It’s designed as a focused, efficient review of each question to help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge. As you review your answers online, simply click “View Tutorial” under the answer explanations to view the multimedia instruction. With approximately 10 hours of targeted instruction at each level, this is the most effective way to fill in the gaps in your knowledge just prior to exam day. 

The Online Schweser Mock Exam is accessed through the Online Access Account and is valid until June 2021. The instructions PDF will be added to your account and provides important information on how to access your exam and what to do after you take the exam. 
Kaplan offers online mock exams for Level I, Level II and Level III.
To register please send an email to Heleen de Vlaam.

 CFA Level I workshop: Portfolio Management

 CFA Level I Workshop: Fixed Income

 CFA Level II Workshop: Fixed Income

 Study Materials

In addition to the many resources available for free on the CFA Institute website, candidates of CFA Society VBA Netherlands can purchase, at a 10% discount, additional notes and study materials from Kaplan Schweser and make use of many of their free of resources as well.

Kaplan Schweser is a long-time trusted partner of the society, providing CFA Program exam materials, courses and support for over 25 years.  Kaplan Schweser is also a CFA Institute Approved Prep Provider. ​The range of exam prep options is extensive and content is delivered in every imaginable format: from traditional books and flashcards to online courses, in-person courses, internet applications, and mobile device technologies.  
CFA Society VBA Netherlands members and area candidates are eligible for a 10% discount on Kaplan Schweser CFA exam prep products. Learn more . . . ​
​​CFA Society Netherlands also gives away six scholarships annually to cover the costs of the Kaplan Schweser study materials.  Scholarships recipients are chosen based on financial need.  To find out more visit our Scholarships page.

Visit our personalised portal on the Kaplan website​ to learn more about options for Live and Online courses and Study Materials to help you with exam preparation.  
Kaplan Schweser Free Resources
Schweser offers free resources to those interested in earning the coveted CFA® designation. From a daily email with CFA questions to eBooks and a mobile app, there is something for everyone. Learn more here.  

Free Question of the Day​:  Sign up to receive a level-specific CFA practice question delivered directly in your inbox each day!
Free Adaptive CFA® Review App:  Take your study plan on the go…and get the practice you need on your time. And best of all…it's free!
Free eBook: Before You Decide to Sit for the CFA Exam:  Get advice from CFA charterholders​ who have successfully gone through the program and learn what it takes to earn the charter and succeed in the investment industry.

 Calendar of events


19 April 16:00 - 18:00: Online Exam Prep Workshop Level I  

20 April 16:00 - 18:00: Online Exam Prep Workshop Level II 

21 April 16:00 - 18:00: Online Exam Prep Workshop Level III 

 Exam Prep Partners

Top Finance-logo-website-2.jpg
Disclaimer: Kaplan Schweser follows the CFA Institute Prep Provider Guidelines. Neither CFA Institute nor CFA Society VBA Netherlands reviews or warrants the accuracy of the products or services offered by Kaplan Schweser, nor verifies or endorses the pass rates claimed.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Calculator

HP banner Order your calculator at a substantial discount.  For instance:

HP 12c Platinum, approved for CFA exams, offers more built-in functions, larger memory, is programmable and has both the time-saving RPN entry-mode as normal algebraic mode, is available to candidates in the Netherlands for only €54.95 (elsewhere €75 to €95) when orderd through this link.​​

Also available:
TI-BAII+: €44.95 (click ​here)
TI-BAII+ Professional: €54.95 (click here)​​​