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As of 1 January 2018, CFA Society Netherlands and VBA Investment Professionals have merged into CFA Society VBA Netherlands. The merger was the result of several years of exploration and preparation by both boards which included member consultations, stakeholder meetings and a formal proposal submitted to and approved by their respective memberships.
As part of the thorough member communication process an extensive FAQs list was drawn up for VBA members to address their questions about the merger process and proposal. Questions such as  ‘What does it mean for my membership?’, ‘What exactly changes?’, ‘Is something expected of me?’, ‘Has the board thought through the consequences for education, events and the culture of the association?’. These and other questions were raised in roundtables with members or in member meetings, or were discussed directly between members and the board. From this process a FAQ evolved. Some answers were straightforward while some required additional research or more thorough answers. Download the FAQ here (in Dutch)​. 
Approval process
On 19 September 2017 the merger proposal​ was submitted to members of both CFA Society Netherlands and VBA Investment Professionals. Members of both associations approved, by large majorities, the further pursuing of the merger. On 7 December 2017 the membership of both associations agreed to the merger, again by large majorities, in their special general meetings. 
Here you can find the reports of VBA’s member meetings in which the merger was discussed:
Read the reports of the CFA Society Netherlands member meetings in which the merger was discussed:​​​