​​​A changing industry demands one strong professional association
More people than ever rely on financial advisors, asset managers and pension professionals to help them with the major financial decisions in their lives, as an ageing population must save, in one way or another, for a stable financial future.

Recent developments demand that investment professionals have the knowledge and skills to work in their clients' best interest, according to the highest standards of integrity, are well educated, have an eye for the future and all for the benefit of society. Investment professionals need to be prepared and agile in order to meet shifting and growing expectations, with educational requirements in relation to MiFID 2 being a case in point.

The role of professional associations is vital to both restoring trust and to developing skilled and competent professionals who are passionate and serious about their profession, and willing to work for and help their clients and society. 

VBA beleggingsprofessionals (VBA) and CFA Society Netherlands are strong and vibrant societies in the midst of this changing world. Both aim to improve and set a standard for the quality and integrity of the investment profession, and to lead the industry's thinking in the area of ethics, integrity, and excellence of practice. In the Dutch industry both VBA and CFA Society Netherlands pursue professional excellence, by offering (continuing) education and research and through engagement with industry associations, policy makers and regulators.
One established, strong and credible professional association will facilitate the investment professional to prepare for and master these new challenges.

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