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CFA Society VBA Netherlands publishes annually an update of the risk standards for investments. These are the recommendations of CFA Society VBA Netherlands regarding the risk parameters to be used - standard deviations and correlations - when making a quantitative risk analysis of investment categories and investment portfolios. For the 2018 update, the historical analysis has been extended to 2017.

With this report we, as CFA Society VBA Netherlands, want to contribute to a careful selection of investment categories and the construction of investment portfolios and thus to the quality of investment services in the Netherlands.


The Ministry of Finance has issued a consultation round regarding possible new measures regarding the remuneration policy in the financial sector. We have submitted a contribution here on behalf of CFA Society VBA Netherlands - see here the consultation invitation and here our letter.
A next step is a round table discussion for which we ask our members for input for further discussion with Ministry of Finance.


CFA Society VBA Netherlands Financial Investigator Column October 2018: Ethiek en Integriteit: ‘The Slippery Slope’ by Diederik Bertens and Vandana Doekhie Financial Investigator Column Diedrik and Vandana October 2018.pdf

CFA Society VBA Netherlands Financial Investigator Column September 2018: Bloed, zweet en tranen (van geluk) by Cees Harm van den Berg, CFA Financial Investigator Column CFAVBA Cees Harm van den Berg.pdf​ 

CFA Society VBA Netherlands Financial Investigator Column June 2018:  Purpose, Professionalism and  the Rise of Trust​ by Pieter van Putten, CFA Financial Investigator Column Pieter v Putten june 2018.pdf

FD article 16 February: Interview with CFA Society VBA Annual Dinner Speaker, Anthony Gardner FD Article from CFA VBA Annual Speaker interview 16 February.pdf

Congratulations CFA Charterholders class 2017 FD ad 15 February 2018 Congratulations Charterholders 2017.png

IEXprofs Magazine December 2017:   Jong en Oud Samen Verder IEXProfs Jacco and Alfred 7118 08-11 interview.pdf​​

 Press Releases

EU Investment professionals increasingly consider ESG factors, while opposing a European Commission mandate - 1 November 2018 The Evolving Future of Fiduciary Duty in an ESG World- a Survey of CFA Institute EU-Based Members 2018_UK (002).pdf
Close to 20,000 Candidates Pass Level III CFA® Program Exam - 28 August 2018 CFA Institute Exam Results 2018_UK.pdf​ 
Bijna 20.000 kandidaten slagen voor het Level III CFA® Program examen​ - 28 August 2018 CFA Institute Exam Results 2018_NL FINAL.pdf
Leading G7 Investors Come Together in Support of Diversity Inititative 6 June 2018 G7 Diversity Initiative_20180606_UK.pdf

The Next Generation of Trust: A Global Survey on the State of Investor Trust 28 March 2018 DUTCH CFA Institute Trust Study_20180328_NL.pdf ENGLISH CFA Institute Trust Study_20180328_UK.pdf

The CFA Institute Brexit Survey 21 March 2018 DUTCH CFA Institute Brexit Survey Results 21 maart 2018 Dutch.pdf ENGLISH CFA Institute Brexit Survey Results 21 March 2018 English.pdf

More than 29,000 Investment Professionals Worldwide Pass Level I CFA Exam 24 January 2018 01.24.18 December 2017 Exam Results Release_UK.pdf DUTCH 01.24.18 December 2017 Exam Results Release_NL.pdf

​VBA beleggingsprofessionals en CFA Society Netherlands bekrachtigen fusie  18 January 2018 Persbericht VBA-CFANL_formalisering fusie_20180118 PRESS RELEASE.pdf​​ ENGLISH  Persbericht VBA-CFANL_formalisering fusie_UK_20180118_final ENGLISH translation.pdf

Institutionele beleggingsadviseurs ESMA-proof met stichting DSI, CFA Society Netherlands en VBA beleggingsprofessionals 29 Nov 2017 Persbericht_CFAVBADSI.pdf

Europese beleggingsprofessionals verwachten dat bedrijven de kosten van research voor eigen rekening zullen nemen onder MiFID II, maar de meningen lopen sterk uiteen wat betreft prijsstelling 20 Nov 2017 MiFID press release 17 November 2017_NL.pdf
European investment professionals expect firms to absorb cost of research under MiFID II, but views range widely on pricing 20 Nov 2017 MiFID press release 17 November 2017_UK.pdf
VBA beleggingsprofessionals and CFA Society Netherlands announce intention to merge 19 September 2017 (English/Dutch) Persbericht VBA-CFANL fusieaankondiging_V4 2017 UK_clean.pdf
​​​Om in de toekomst succesvol te opereren in de beleggingsindustrie moeten bestuurders transformeren - Future State of the Investment ​Profession​ 6 April 2017 Press Release CFA report_Future State of the Investment Profession_April_6 NL.pdf