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CFA Society VBA Netherlands promotes education and knowledge as a means to raise professional standards and service in the investment industry. To that end, we offer a broad spectrum of educational programs for investment management professionals. Our high-quality educational offerings span diverse career stages, functions, and skills, and we continually update and add to these programs.​





CFA® Program

The Chartered Financial Analyst® Program is the signature self-study professional/graduate level investment management program offered by CFA Institute. It covers comprehension, analysis, and application of investment tools; asset valuation; and portfolio management.

Learn more about the CFA Program on the CFA Institute website or download the CFA charter fact card.


CFA® charter

RBA Program

In collaboration with Vrije University, the RBA program is a professional/postgraduate level investment management degree with an academic focus; the program has been accredited by the Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie (NVAO) since 2010. The course of study is intended for professionals in the investment management industry, but is applicable and open to the broader finance field. 

Learn more here​.



Masters in Risk Management for Financial Institutions (RMFI)

This professional/postgraduate Risk Management credential, offered in cooperation with Vrije University, has an academic focus and is accredited by NVAO. In a multidisciplinary setting, the program prepares graduates to analyse, solve, and report on complex risk situations. 

For more information visit the RMFI page. 



CIPM® Program

The Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) Program is a professional certification in investment performance and risk evaluation; it covers performance measurement, attribution, appraisal, and presentation, as well as ethical and Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) standards.

For more information about the CIPM Program, visit the CFA Institute website.


CIPM Program Certificate

CFA Institute Investment Foundations® Program

The CFA Institute Investment Foundations Program is a self-study online certification course.  Completing the certificate gives those working with investment decision makers a clear understanding of the investment industry, roles and responsibilities, and the vital importance of ethical conduct.

Find out more about the Investment Foundations Program on the CFA Institute website or download this syllabus overview.


Investment Foundations Program Certificate​