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 Regular publications

The main publication of CFA Society VBA Netherlands is the VBA Journaal which is published four times annually and distributed to society members and interested stakeholders. The VBA Journaal was started in 1984. 
We write a column in the Financial Investigator, occasional articles for IEXprofs, as well as ad hoc publications. Members receive also the Financial Analysts Journal, a financial publication circulated by CFA Institute.​

 One-off publications


Cover.jpgCFA Society VBA Netherlands and SPO released a new edition of the book 'Beheren van pensioenvermogen. Praktische handvatten bij moeilijke keuzes aan de bestuurstafel'.

Board members and decision-makers in the pension sector operate in a complex field. Increasing pressure on risk management and tighter regulations are just a few of the challenges. At the same time, the pressure is on boards to make the right choices. But what options do you really have?

This book contains eighteen contributions from leading policy makers in the pension sector who describe current themes for investments and risk management. These contributions build a bridge between practice and policy; the authors speak frankly to help decision-makers. Which pitfalls to avoid, what is sensible and nonsense, or - quite simply - which pragmatic approaches are possible?

"This practical handbook book makes it possible for board members to make the right choices for the pension funds," says Alfred Slager Professor Pension Fund Management Tias and vice chairman CFA Society VBA Netherlands.

View Alfred Slager's introduction on managing pension assets. He also addresses the question "How do I arm myself as a board member against the active - passive debate". Both videos are in Dutch.

The book can be ordered as a hardcover by the following link

A PDF version is available from the following link BeherenVanPensioenvermogen2018.pdf.

 Media Contact

Pors Communicatie handles the press relations of CFA Society VBA Netherlands. Journalists may contact Carolien Pors​.

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