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 Risk Management for Financial Institutions program

​The financial world has changed dramatically. Recent financial crises have proven that traditional theories and practices in risk management have failed stakeholders. In 2010 the VU School of Finance & Risk Management launched its Risk Management for Financial Institutions program. This program distinguishes itself from other courses in the field of risk management through a greater emphasis on, among other things, behavioral economics and working with uncertainty and complexity, with less attention on mainstream models of an idealized stable world.

On 30 April 2014 the program was accredited by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO). By meeting NVAO’s internationally recognized quality requirements the program attained its Master of Science status with the distinction: "perhaps the Risk Management training of the future".

Academic in nature, the Postgraduate Risk Management for Financial Institutions program is unique in that it prepares graduates to analyze, resolve and report on complex risk management issues independently or in multidisciplinary teams.  
Who is it for?
Professionals in first, second and third line risk management at banks, insurers, pension funds and asset managers, as well as consultants, actuaries, supervisors and accountants who work with these institutions.
Curriculum and duration
2,5 years on a partime basis.
The program consists of five semesters. Semesters one through four are topic-oriented with an essay due on each topic in the following semester. The final semester puts the academic knowledge to test in the form of knowledge games. For the complete curriculum download the brochure​ or visit the VU website​
- A completed academic degree in economic sciences, and
- At least a few years' work experience at university or higher professional level in the financial sector.
Students of the Risk Management for Financial Institutions program are particularly enthusiastic about the:
• Multidisciplinary approach, truly unique in the Netherlands;
• Diverse backgrounds  and working environment of the student group enabling students to learn from each other;
• excellent link to practice;​
• relevance of topical themes;
• inspiring teachers.
MSc, RMFI designation and RMFI register
Graduates from the Risk Manager for Financial Institutions program receive an MSc degree and can qualify for the RMFI designation. In order to receive the RMFI designation, graduates must successfully complete the Risk Manager for Financial Institutions program and become members of CFA Society VBA Netherlands. At which point you can also be entered into the Register RMFI  (Risk Manager Financial Institutions). The RMFI Register is maintained by the Stichting Risk Manager for Financial Institutions.
In order to maintain your RMFI designation you are required to ​engage in continuing education (CE) activities worth at least 60 CE points per period of three years. The starting point is one CE point for one hour effective time spent on continuing education.
Personal Data Act and RMFI Register
The Personal Data Protection Act requires that persons must give permission for the disclosure of their personal data to third parties. The RMFI Register may therefore be not complete. Are you included in the RMFI register and your details are missing on this website? Contact Irma Willemsen per email if you want to be mentioned.
For further information about the Risk Manager for Financial Institutions program and to enroll please refer to the VU website.  
Or contact :
Michelle Habets (education office of the program)
tel. +31 20 598 6159
Prof.Dr. Willem Verschoor (program director)
tel. +31 20 598 6159