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CFA Society Netherlands offers sponsorship opportunities for interested employers, asset managers, and finance and investment related companies. CFA NL is a not-for-profit organization so contributions are used directly to support the on-going mission and values of the Society. Most often sponsorship will be in relation to a specific event or educational activity.  Sponsorship can also take the form of providing a keynote speaker or offering the use of your building, office or company venue for meetings or events.  Please note that CFA Society Netherlands is not a marketing channel  but aims to focus on delivering unbiased relevant content and independent research, sometimes combined with networking opportunities.  Currently the CFA Society offers the following packages:

CFA Society Netherlands offers three types of Sponsorship:

Structural Sponsorships: Platinum and Gold

A Structural Sponsor directly identifies with and supports the values and mission of CFA Institute and CFA Society Netherlands. As a Structural Sponsor your organisation becomes a strategic partner of the local Society. Your contribution is used to spread the message of ethics and education in the Financial Community. Your company logo appears on the Home page of CFA Society Netherlands website and is prevalent at all annually recurring events.  There are at least five annually recurring events which typically attract in excess of 100 attendees: Annual Forecasting Dinner, Annual Charter Award Ceremony, Bi-annual Post Exam Drinks, Exam Preparation Event, and Networking Events.

If you are interested in learning more about Structural Sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Activity Sponsorship:  Silver and Bronze

As an Event or Activity Sponsor you support CFA Society Netherlands in its efforts to keep current the knowledge and skill-set of the membership as well as the local investment community. Your contribution goes directly and exclusively towards supporting an individual event.

If you are interested in learning more about Activity Sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Other Sponsorship Opportunities:

CFA Society Netherlands also offers opportunities to sponsor Networking activities, provide in-kind sponsoring in terms of speakers and venues and if your product or service directly aligns with the mission of CFA Society Netherlands, or is of direct interest and use to the membership, we are open to accept commercial (product) marketing on a limited basis.

If you are interested in learning more about Sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Please note the Society does uphold a strict policy with regards to (sponsored) speakers at events. Although the use of company slides is allowed, all presentations should be content-driven and thus not include any general company promotions. Presentations are actively pre-screened and modified for this purpose by CFA NL.

For more information in these or other sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

 Supporters of the CFA Mission

CFA Society Netherlands is pleased to welcome as Partner Sponsors of the CFA mission:






Natixis Global Asset Management 

Sponsor of the CFA Institute Reserach Challenge Benelux Region


 Sponsor Actions

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