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 VU-VBA Investment Management

CFA Society VBA Netherlands has always recognized the great importance of education. Starting in 1978 VBA beleggingsprofessionals offered a special program for investment experts resulting in the RBA designation (Register Investment Analyst). The program has been continuously adapted and improved since that time and is now offered in cooperation with Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. In 2010 the VU-VBA Investment Management program received a formal accreditation of the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) and now awards an official Master of Science (MSc) degree along with the RBA title.

Who is it for?

  • ​Financial analysts
  • Investment analysts
  • Asset managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Supervisors
  • Risk managers
  • Accountants
  • Financial consultants    


Curriculum and duration

The program has a duration of 2,5 years on a partime basis. For the complete program visit the VU website.



  • A completed academic degree in economic sciences, and
  • At least a few years' work experience at university or higher professional level in the financial sector.



  • ​Unique training: in terms of duration, level and depth.
  • Highly rated recognition: in addition to the Master of Science title, graduates also receive the RBA title and entry into the RBA register and senior registers of DSI.
  • Directly applicable in practice: students experience this as a big advantage. This is reinforced by the fact that the lecturers have extensive academic and practical experience.
  • High success rate: weekly lectures, staggered assessment moments, inspiring lecturers and motivated co-students ensure that over 80% pass.


MSc, RBA designation and RBA Register

Graduates from the VU-VBA Investment Management program receive the MSc degree and can qualify for the RBA designation. In order to receive the RBA designation, graduates must successfully complete the VU-VBA Investment Management program and become members of CFA Society VBA Netherlands. At which point you can also be entered into the RBA Register (register investment analyst). The RBA Register is maintained by the Stichting VBA Opleidingsinstituut Morreau.​​​​


Personal Data Act and RBA Register

The Personal Data Protection Act requires that persons must give permission for the disclosure of their personal data to third parties. The RBA register​ may therefore be not complete. Are you included in the RBA register and your details are missing on this website? Contact Irma Willemsen per email if you want to be mentioned.


Quality control

The VU-VBA Investment Management curatorium supervises the level of quality of the program and has an advisory task with regards to the structure and content of the program. With members from CFA Society VBA Netherlands and representatives from the financial and academic world, the curatorium has a broad composition.

For more information about the VU-VBA Investment Management program, the curatorium and to enrol please refer to the VU website​ or contact the education office of the program drs. Emiel Erbé​ per email or +31 20 598 6118.

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