​​​​​What members stand to gain

The members of VBA and CFA Society Netherlands have much in common in terms of profession, interests and values. At the same time, they are a diversified group in terms of their career phase, (inter)national focus, educational background and employer. The merger advances the goals of both associations, while simultaneously boosting benefits for members. This is why 'inclusiveness' is a leading principle for the new association. All VBA and CFA Society Netherlands members will feel welcomed and valued by the new association.

The following will help both former VBA and CFA Society Netherlands members to become better, smarter and more trustworthy investment professionals:
·   More live events on a wider range of topics and a broader speaker pool
·   More written and on-line content, webinars and research, in English and in Dutch on both local and global content
·   More opportunities for educational content, courses and workshops
·   More skills-oriented and career management resources
·   More members with more diverse backgrounds to expand networks
·   More knowledge and experience to share
·   More chances to participate through active committees, working groups and volunteering
·   More content, contacts and resources through association with CFA Institute (Appendix B of full merger proposal)

Mergers benefit different stakeholders to different degrees. Members will notice changes in the way things are done, in the people they meet at events, and in the way information and content is delivered:
·   VBA members will participate in a larger global community rather than a local organisation. And their interfaces for websites, membership procedures and communications will look different.
·   CFA Society Netherlands members will engage in more initiatives and activities take place within a more extensive committee structure. They will experience more activities and communications occurring in Dutch as well.

​The boards of both CFA Society Netherlands and VBA are aware that there might be hurdles but are committed to ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible, that communication lines are open and that all members reap the rewards of the merger, while inconveniences are minimised. The merger is a work in process; processes will evolve over time while we learn more about each other and our individual best practices. 

Both boards recognise that cultural differences do exist and need to be addressed. Therefore, the boards have agreed to explore the shared values of the two organisations as a basis for our future mission, vision and strategy. From a strategic perspective, we will proactively balance and blend the two cultures and to draft a combined mission statement and vision for the new organisation. Pragmatically, measures will be taken and policies will be updated to address the structural integration of members through activities/programming, committees and volunteering.

The CFA Society Netherlands Mentoring program is one example of a practical and logical way to connect members from both organisation. Finally, the new board of the new association will be a visible example of cooperation and will show leadership by taking ownership of the integration process and monitor it continuously.

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