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 2019 Research Challenge

​The local Danish and Norwegian Research Challenge final was hosted at Aker Solutions' premises on 28th February. There was an audience of more than 70 people from corporates, Media, CFA Society Norway, and University Professors and students so the participating teams really felt the pressure. This year BI Norwegian Business School and Nord University had participating teams​ and they delivered valuable sales pitches and convincing views on where the stock price should trade based on thorough research of the company. These students put down tremendous time in preparations, training and developing both hard and soft skills, and gained experience as equity research analysts with support from a faculty advisor and industry mentor. 

In addition, the students go through an intense and comprehensive scoring regime, where investment professionals grade their written reports and a judge panel score their presentations, leaving nothing to chance when claiming to be the local champion. For the third consecutive year a team of finance students from BI Norwegian Business School were announced winners and represented our CFA Society in the EMEA final in Zurich in April. ​

Kim Watle.jpg 
Figure 1: from left Kim Watle, CFA (host coordinator), BI Norwegian Business School (team Blue): Minja Rankov, Nataliia Petromanova, *name removed, Gaute Hellerslia, and Liubomyr Romaniv, BI Norwegian Business School (team Red): Helen Therese Upsaker, Laura Sešek, Guillaume Mamy, Nord University: Signe Kilskar, Samer Altinawi, and Ekin Baris Sah, Presentation Judges: Mikkel Nyholt, Almedin Cesko, CFA, Audun Nordtveit, and Kumar Pandit, CFA. 











In Zurich the BI Norwegian Business School team, team Blue, won their semifinal and qualified to the live streamed EMEA final. They delivered an outstanding presentation in the final and the judges were deliberating for an hour before a winner was announced. It was a really close race to the top and in the end, the team secured a second place in their EMEA final group only beaten by Moscow State University, leaving BI Norwegian Business School among the top ten universities globally. We congratulate our CFA Society team representatives from BI Norwegian Business School for such a strong performance in this year's CFA Institute Research Challenge. Your great achievements are truly inspiring!

We also send our congratulations to the Global winners of this year's CFA Institute Research Challenge, Ateneo de Manila University. 

Norwegian Business School.jpg 

Figure 2: BI Norwegian Business School prepared for the EMEA final in Zurich, from left: Shirley Dong, CFA (industry mentor), *name removed, Nataliia Petromanova, Liubomyr Romaniv, Minja Rankov, Gaute Hellerslia, and Janis Berzins (faculty advisor).  

CFA Society Norway would like to thank this year's students, faculty advisors, industry mentors, graders, presentation judges, Borregaard and other volunteers for dedicating their time and effort making this great initiative possible and shaping the future of our industry.
The planning of CFA Institute Research Challenge 2020 has started so if you would like to take part in this competition please contact [email protected]


The filming of this year's local final presentations is found here.